Coworking Space in Pune


The coworking space industry brought havoc post-pandemic. All because it served a large audience including solopreneurs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Since India is seeing the startup revolution and we just went through a pandemic, people have started referring to remote and hybrid models lately. This created a huge demand for coworking spaces where people can avail of the benefits of traditional offices along with remote working.

Pune is a well-established city where many huge corporations reside. In fact, the city is home to 3200 businesses of which 2% accounts for IT startups.  All of a sudden, due to the pandemic and the changed preferences of employees, business owners were pushed to coworking spaces in Pune. But the big blow came for other reasons which are listed below.

Reasons For Making A Shift To Coworking Spaces

There are several benefits of coworking space that businesses are willing to leverage to their advantage. But the main cause for the shift is a different story.

Looming Recession

The possibility of a recession in the US has created an atmosphere of fear among other countries. Besides, the increase in rising interest rates, weakening of currencies, and mounting public debt- all these factors together are raising the prices of fuels and food which is creating uncertainty in the global markets.

Therefore, business owners are taking steps to make their businesses recession-proof by cutting costs. And what better way to cut costs than by moving to a coworking space in Pune?

Coworking space is a great way to eliminate leasing properties for office spaces and shift to shared office spaces providing desk services. Well, that eliminates the front-desk service cost as well leading to saving more money.

FYI, Pune city saw a drop of 32% in office space in the first half of the financial year 2022-23.

Increase in Rent

There has been an increase in monthly rentals of offices which was the last straw to pull for Pune business owners. An average 6% increase in office rent made the move to coworking space stronger than ever.

Furthermore, coworking spaces in Pune were ready to welcome this move with open hearts. Since they were all set to offer exceptional services to fulfill the increasing demand for the same.

iSprout coworking space is one such leading firm for offering shared office spaces in the city. Having two of its centers located at Yerwada and Hinjewadi in Pune, iSprout is committed to serving corporates with adequate services needed to run businesses smoothly.

With exquisite interiors, robust internet connection, and fully functional conference rooms, many corporates and solopreneurs leveraged the services of iSprout to further their business goals. Additionally, the professional in-house business support team is also open to offer end-to-end solutions through a gamut of services to enhance the overall experience of entrepreneurs. Join iSprout, the best coworking space in Pune, and accelerate your business growth.