pro's and con's of co-working spaces

Listen to blog – Pro’s and Con’s of Co-working Spaces

Even though Co-working spaces take away a chunk of the office space pressure on the company, it has its own set of cons. This type of environment can be a boon and a curse. When we ask ourselves ‘what are the pro’s and con’s of co-working spaces? we are not limited to just good security and the death of privacy, but it is a much bigger set of elements that govern them. The Co-working spaces have so many employees from so many offices to consider that there is bound to be a few lost in terms of likes and dislikes. 

Look at the Pro’s and Con’s of Co-working Spaces

  • Cost Efficiency

Pro- There is no doubt that a co-working space lifts the burden of heavy spending from the company. The office would not need to worry about the facilities such as security, safety, parking, food or even the entertainment needed to keep their employees happy. The co-working spaces base their work around the happiness of each individual. Sharing an office space for rent in Hyderabad is a dream for startups that do not want to spend on infrastructure.

Con- Here would be that while implementing these brands and choosing certain forms of entertainment, a co-working space will not be able to cover the entire staff of all offices. It is impossible to please everyone. This creates a sense of bias on the part of the company as well as the co-working space in the mind of the employee. 

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  • Healthy Competition

Pro- Some of the shared office spaces in Hyderabad have the biggest brands situated in them. This leads to other pro’s and con’s of co-working spaces. With all these companies together in one boundary, there is a sense of outdoing one another, even though the product is different. It is a very healthy form of competition that lets companies challenge themselves to be the best of themselves. And with a co-working space, they can focus on the company itself and not nit-pick small issues as they come along.

Con- This leads to a Con where the ease of access allows a company to poach the employee of another company where he is doing extremely well. There is a lack of privacy in a co-working space as all employees tend to meet at some point in their day. Employees also can easily find new openings in companies within the co-working space and this tends to be a difficult process. 

There are numerous pro’s and con’s in a co-working environment. But the fact that it makes life a lot easier for the functioning of a company, especially a new company, is undeniable. Office spaces in Hyderabad are on the rise and they are becoming more employee-friendly as time passes. 

It’s About Where You Stand

As the owner of a company, you need to know what’s important to you. If you feel that you need to divert more to the company in terms of function, then a co-working space is more ideal. But just like a bank or a hospital or even google for that matter, having your own infrastructure is a symbol of success and something to be proud about. You just have to consider the fastest way to get there.