coworking spaces in Pune

Pune attracts some of the top entrepreneurial minds in the country, so it makes complete sense that it has flexible and comfortable spaces for these minds to turn their ideas into a reality.

The last decade has seen a boom in the adoption of such co-working spaces in India as opposed to conventional fixed office spaces. These shared workspaces act as the hubs of innovation that provide a productive environment that gets things done.

However, there are a lot of coworking spaces in Pune, which can make it overwhelming to choose one from the many. Before making any decision, you must consider the flexibility, pricing options, networkability, environment, and amenities the coworking space provides for your business.

To take the research process out of your search for a coworking space, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best coworking spaces in pune with the most to offer to your business.


Awfis is one of the leading shared office space providers and provides budget-friendly coworking spaces in multiple areas of the city. They offer both fixed and flexible seating options and give the ability to connect and network with other businesses.

Moreover, it also provides virtual office services which help maintain a professional business image without leasing a real space.

Location: Nucleus Mall, Camp.


iSprout is one of the best-in-class coworking spaces in Pune and is also present in many top cities like Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Chennai, and Pune. It provides inspiring workspaces that match the growing needs of businesses, from a single dedicated desk to custom corners.

Apart from flexible spaces and pricing options, iSprout provides conference rooms, virtual offices, private offices, and manager cabins, along with all the amenities needed in a workspace.

Location: Panchshil Tech Park One, Yerwada



Level212 is a coworking space provider in Pune targeted at bringing freelancers, small businesses, and corporates to work under one roof. It provides workspaces for every business size along with dedicated cabins, flexible seats, and virtual office services.

Moreover, they also support startups with business support services like staffing, company registration, legal support, branding, marketing, and more.

Location: Parmar House, Camp


Cowerkz is a fully-functional shared office space provider and offers three workspace options – private cabins for corporates, dedicated desks for SMEs, and flexible desks for freelancers & independent consultants.

It is sector-agnostic and welcomes individuals and businesses from every industry to work together in a productive and collaborative setting.

Location: Laxmi Plaza, Aundh


Bootstart provides coworking spaces in many of the major residential areas of Pune and offers a wide range of workspace services like fixed, flexible, and premium options, equipped with all the infrastructure needed.

It essentially targets solo entrepreneurs, startups, independent consultants, and small teams, promoting a small business community.

Locations: Waman Ganesh Heights, Bavdhan

The benefits of coworking spaces can be made clear by the fact that 71% of the businesses have reported an increase in creativity after opting for a coworking space. Therefore, even if you have the resources to invest in a fixed office setup, it is recommended you opt for coworking spaces. Apart from providing a productive work environment, they also promote a collaborative community culture for networking and problem-solving.

Every coworking space in Pune has unique features that can prove highly useful for your business. Which of these spaces have you decided on?