Top 4 Strategies to Protect Your Company Culture in a Coworking Space

As per a recent survey by CII – ANAROCK, coworking spaces are the most preferred method for adopting a hybrid working model in organizations. These have grown significantly over the past four years and especially after the pandemic, with over 35 million square feet of total flexible office space available in India currently. 

Working in coworking spaces has emerged as the best option for startups, SMEs and even corporates today. However, many leaders and HR professionals still face the challenge of how they can protect the culture of the company while operating in these shared office spaces.  

Here are the top 4 strategies that organizations can utilize to preserve their company culture in coworking spaces: 


Describe the Culture in Detail 

It is important that you map out the purpose and mission of the company and its core beliefs, values, expected behaviors, working styles and benefits of working there. 

You need to write this down and discuss it with your team so that they are also aware of these. This is crucial for setting the tone of your company’s culture. 


Communicate with the Team 

In any organization, especially one operating in a coworking space, communication is the key. You have to ensure that you reinforce your organizational goals and keep track of your team’s progress repeatedly and foster good communication and relationship in the team.  

Coworking spaces offer facilities like dedicated meeting rooms that make this possible. Just make sure that you book them a week or more in advance. 


Maintain Constant Communication 

After the pandemic struck the world, a significant number of employees started working from home and many of those are still doing so after two years, even when their organizations are based in coworking spaces.  

If there are any team members who are working from their home, you must ensure that they are still in the loop. Connect to them through Skype or send them minutes of meetings so they are up to date. 


Uphold Office Rituals 

Rituals are the special activities that take place at the office and define the company’s culture. It can be an outing to celebrate the annual day of the company or celebrating an employee’s birthday or work anniversary by cutting a cake. 

These rituals instill a sense of belonging in the team and make them feel at home. iSprout’s coworking spaces in Hyderabad offer the support and flexibility for these events, lending a hand to your company culture. 


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