co working space in hyderabad

If your company has outgrown its existing location and needs more space to run successfully, you may have thought of relocating offices – this may be a great approach to create a more functional workspace that stimulates employee cooperation and interaction. 

You may also be considering a transfer to smaller premises as a result of COVID-19 and its impact on your workforce. However, there are other coworking spaces in India with design methods that you may adopt to assist keep your employees safe throughout the outbreak. 

In any case, and regardless of your reason for moving, an office relocation is a massive challenge that demands careful planning and attention. So, to make sure nothing slips between the cracks, here’s our ultimate relocation checklist. 


The location has the largest impact on cost and is usually the key motivator for property purchases. Making the most of your location is critical, the most important concerns include staying close to target markets, networking hotspots, making it easier for staff and clients to travel about, and staying close to local amenities. 


Purchasing too much space can have a negative impact on your profitability but purchasing too little space might restrict performance and hinder your capacity to expand as a corporation. Working with an office designer or space planner will be beneficial in the future, but what about now? Depending on your sector, the basic rule of thumb for office space is 80 – 100 square feet per employee. And, because leases typically last 2- 5 years, we propose adding 10% – 20% to provide for potential growth. 

Operational Needs 

Moving offices is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your company’s culture and business objectives, as well as how they may perform in a new location. Do you wish to flatten your organization’s hierarchy? This may be simply translated into non-fixed workstation layouts. Do you want your staff to work together more closely? This may be accomplished by providing a range of bookable teleconferencing and touchdown places. 

Hidden Expenses 

There are various significant hidden charges to the important services in relocating, so what should you be on the lookout for? Legal fees, IT and communications expenditures, logistics, and the dilapidation of your current facility may all be costly setbacks if not managed properly. When looking for premium coworking spaces in Hyderabad, you’ll most likely need the assistance of an agent to locate office space and negotiate the finest rates and conditions.  


For your business, you’ll want to promote and defend your brand image, and your workplace environment is an excellent instrument for doing so. Even though you may not have made decisions on decor, layout, and furniture, taking fixed factors in mind, such as the building’s exterior, reception, and the office’s layout and natural light, is critical as they all work towards creating first impressions for your clients, staff, and stakeholders. 

Final Words 

Moving offices may have a very positive influence on your business, from improving employee morale to lowering operational expenses. So, if your existing working environment may use a facelift, get in contact with iSprout, the best coworking space in Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Vijayawada. Our one-of-a-kind design will represent and communicate your company’s brand, making all the correct impressions where they matter the most. In addition, we’ll handle all of the moving components and keep everything on pace.