The future of work is changing – the cubicle era is slowly being taken over by creative spaces. Whether you are a small startup team or a sole proprietor, coworking space in Hyderabad, are the new hottest office option available in every startup city. Spaces like Ministry of New in Mumbai are the new attractions in town but it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons before choosing any space for your new business.


1.Choose membership as per your finances:

YThe major reason for choosing any co-working space is the price. If you are a freelancer, you can still choose to work from a creative environment rather working alone from home. If you are a team of people, feel free to choose the plan which suits your needs the best. For example, if you are looking for a co-working space in Hyderabad iSprout offers multiple instant office plans. No tension to sign a long lease, work with flexibility till you want and get access to all office supplies, even FREE coffee at many places. What better can one ask for?

2.Community and networking:

This is the biggest advantage of working from co-working spaces since you will stay close to the community and get more chance to mingle with similar like-minded people. You might just meet someone with valuable skills or even meet your potential leads, who knows!

3.Move-in-ready, no administrative hassle

If you are starting a new business, 50% of your time might get invested in sorting administrative, legal and financial stuff for your organization. Many coworking space in Hyderabad offer these help as a part of your plan and take off the burden so that you can focus better on your business. At iSprout we offer payroll services, accounting services, consultancy and a lot more customized to your requirements. The best part is that you don’t have to think before expanding your team from 8 to 10 to 50 since your co-working space will take care of it.

4.Creative and collaborative environment:

No one believes in running businesses traditional ways anymore, it has to be creative. Sometimes it is really boring and de-motivating to brainstorm from a silent cubicle space – isn’t it? Creative space provides very different energy to help you think out of the box. The positive effects are definitely more.


1.No Privacy, more distractions:

The ultimate idea of choosing a creative workspace is to increase your productivity but if you are planning to choose the space for your team, ensure you choose a plan that includes access to private meeting rooms as and when required. Sometimes you might need to discuss private official stuff with your team and privacy can be a big issue in such situations. Also, most of the office space for rent in Hyderabad are crowded hence you might need a space to have your alone time to dwell through company-related issues.

2.Conflicts and competitions:

Working with many companies under the same roof mean there are high chances you might come across your competitors too. This could be a positive thing if you can turn it into a collaboration rather than competition. Even if it’s a competition, the best way would be to handle it with maturity.

3.Working hours of Co-working space:

Even though most of the co-working spaces are open 24*7 but don’t forget to double check the timings. Some of the co-working