How Innovative Office Spaces Improve Employee Engagement

Conventional office space ideas are getting faded out quickly, and innovative office space ideas are replacing those old ideas. The environment of the office has an impact on the overall performance as well as the productivity of an employee. When the businesses offer innovative and more convenient office space for employees, happiness among the employees prevails. This happiness brings greater productivity from the employees. Orthodox office space ideas are getting obsolete these days for many reasons. Primarily, technological improvements for managing businesses have a huge impact on office space design. Today, most of the businesses are giving up paperwork and embracing digitalization.

As a result, businesses need proper infrastructure for digital data processing and record-keeping. To accommodate modern office devices, innovative office design is required. So, if you are seeking private office space for rent, you need to look for innovative commercial spaces instead of the orthodox commercial space. How can creative office space enhance the engagement of the employees of your company? In the following section, answers to these questions will be discussed.

  • Comfortable Place for Working

Employees want a secure and comfortable place for working. Comfort comes with good infrastructure. If the employees have to face ample of glitches during their working hours, productivity will go down. Believe it or not, office spaces and employee productivity go hand in hand. Innovative office space is especially important when you try to hire and retain millennial talent.

Furthermore, not just for your employees, but office space also talks a lot about your company’s culture, which is essential when it comes to your prospects and customers. Trendy office spaces come with a gym, cafeteria, conference rooms, and many other facilities. All these things are there to improve employee engagement in the office.

  • Innovation Brings Motivation

Creative office space can become the reason for motivation for your employees. Working at a shabby and old-fashioned office can have a negative impact on the mindset of the employees. Poor condition in an office like air condition not working also causes many nuisances during the working hours. They do not find the much-needed motivation to show creativity in their tasks. As a result, the overall productivity of the organization goes down. It eventually leads to revenue losses for a business. Providing an office space that promotes collaboration, improves creativity, and a positive attitude can drastically improve your employees’ engagement and productivity.

  • Color and Lighting Impacts Mood

This is a universal fact; colors affect our mood. The office space which includes basic lighting, walls, etc. can greatly affect the mood of the employees. According to a study, blue color boosts creativity and red color improves our attention to detail. You can experiment with some bright colors with light colors especially to rooms for your employees to better focus. Also, office space should have proper lighting. Dull lighting and shadows can give headaches and fatigue to some people. So make sure to have ambient lighting in your office space.

  • Better Staff Retention

For today’s employees, the package is not the only thing they look at when they are looking for a change. Office space plays a crucial role in retaining good employees. Let’s take the example of Google. Everybody knows how innovative Google’s office space is. In fact, considering how well Google provided the best office space, many tried to improve office space for startups in Hyderabad.

Well, you don’t have to have an office space like Google. But you can do whatever you can. Letting your employees move freely, change postures, relax a bit, and have private space can improve your employees’ morale.

Well, here’s what you can do for a better office space to improve employee engagement:

  1. Add some cool, motivating wallpapers. Wall painting can cost you a lot but wallpapers won’t. You can simply buy the wallpapers and just stick it to the wall. The plus side of wallpapers is you can change it whenever you want.
  2.  Check the areas in your office that have low or dull lighting. Also, try to get some exposure to natural elements such as sunlight and greenery.
  3. Add some plants in every corner of the office. Plants too can improve a person’s mood.
  4. Let your employees embrace work-life balance. You can begin this by providing 15 or 20 minutes hobby pursuing activities, no-official work hours, or even making the office place pet-friendly.    

Good working space is crucial for any business. Without proper working space, it becomes hard for employees to stay productive and motivated. You don’t have to spend too much money on innovating your space, but spending a little can go a long way in improving your employees’ engagement and productivity.