coworking space in vijayawada

The coworking trend is growing exponentially in India, and with it comes the responsibility of choosing the right office space. The benefits of coworking spaces are numerous, and for the best results, you must wisely choose the right space for your work. The options are vast, so now the questions are how do you choose between all the various options? Let us help you in choosing the right coworking space for you. 

Here are the few of the tips to choose the right coworking space. 


Location plays a very important role in choosing the coworking space. Select a location which is near to you and convenient for your clients. The location should create a good impression while meeting clients and easily accessible by the public transportation. 

If your work is mostly remote and there are no client meetings, then select a place which is quite and near to your home. 

Office Amenities 

The coworking spaces should be well-equipped with the standard office amenities and additional facilities for the ease of work. See if other amenities like whiteboard, projectors, chargers and others are available. Also find if there are private rooms, accessories and kitchen access facilities also available. 

A Coworking space with great office amenities is what you should opt to keep yourself productive and energetic. 

For example iSprout is the best coworking space in India with best-in-class amenities to stay on top of your production. 

Amenities at iSprout: 

  • High-speed internet 
  • Custom build spaces 
  • Printers & Scanners 
  • Phone booths 
  • Dedicated server rooms 
  • Breakout areas 


While choosing a coworking space try to know the people around you with whom you will be sharing the space. When you join a coworking space, you are also joining its community. It’s important to understand that being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and talented freelancers is one of the biggest benefits of joining a coworking space. 


Most of the people opt for the coworking spaces to work flexibly and move around freely while working. Look for the coworking spaces where you can flexibly work and follow any working hours at your comfort. 

Security and Privacy 

The coworking space should also provide you the private spacing when needed to make important discussions. 

Also, the environment must be secured as the coworking spaces are always open. Make sure to check if the place secured and maintained with all the safety measures.  

Breakout area and other perks 

The coworking spaces apart from the workplace should also include the attractive breakout spaces to hang out and take breaks in free time. It should also have other complimentary perks such as game zone, gym or recreational area to engage in fun activities. 

iSprout, coworking spaces in Pune has spacious innovative breakout areas that allows you to move through and work in a relax mode, taking your mind off from the monotony of a work desk. 

Budget and Additional costs 

You got all the things that you were looking for in a coworking space. But what if the budget is exceeding your expectations. Also, many of the coworking spaces costs extra for the surplus benefits they offer. So, be sure about how much budget and additional costs you can pay. Choose a coworking place in your budget.