74% of employees are expected to continue remote working because of the pandemic. Although working from home is keeping people safe, it has deep-rooted effects on the mental state of employees because of feeling lonely.

According to a survey conducted among remote workers,49% of employees feel loneliness is one of the major challenges faced by the employees.

Here are some ways to avoid loneliness when working from home:

Connect with like-minded people 

Connecting and interacting with the people who share the same interests is a good option when you feel isolated. It doesn’t have to be just people in your field, it can be anything related to a topic that interests you or an extra skill you want to learn.This interaction will cheer you up and you will feel refreshed and less lonely.

Consider joining co-working spaces

Co-working spaces can help combat the loneliness associated with remote work. A modern and flexible office space provides a home that supports the well-being of employees and fosters a culture of collaboration, social interaction and productivity. Co-working spaces offer many advantages over working from home to avoid loneliness. Some benefits of joining co-working spaces:


Increased productivity

Flexible working environment


Collaboration opportunities

Great ambience

Clean and secured environment


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Join virtual coworking sessions

Due to the present pandemic scenario, you may not join the physical co-working spaces. In such a case you can join the virtual space session and use the resources shared by them. There are a growing number of online communities hosting virtual coworking sessions.

Plan engagement activities

You can plan various engagement activities along with your co-workers and relieve the official stress.You can plan the virtual session and schedule a common time with your co-workers to engage and interact.

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