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4 Office Design Perks That Will Attract and Inspire Millennial Workers

4 Office Design Perks That Will Attract and Inspire Millennial Workers

In these times of start-ups and upcoming businesses, millennials are the target workforce, a population with an entirely new set of priorities and who need to be given an entirely new array of incentives. One of the most important incentives is that the office design perks which will not only keep the workforce happy but also increase their efficiency at work. By office design perks, what is essentially meant is that the design should reflect the kind of work culture attitude you want to develop in your workers. The office interiors should offer sufficient scope for seamless work and at the same time leaves some room for leisure. After all, a rested worker is better than an overworked worker.

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Following is a list of 5 much sought out after office design perks:

       1. Eco Centric

The importance of being surrounded by greenery and open spaces cannot be stressed enough, bringing such an environment to your office will not only improve your worker’s morale but will, in turn, increase their work efficiency. There are many office spaces in Hyderabad which channel these ideas. There are office spaces for rent in Hyderabad which already imbibe this idea, so this is one office design perk for which you might not have to spend too much money on.

What does that entail?

  • Potted Indoor Plants
  • Open Spaces within the office
  • Skylights or other outlets which will allow natural light
  • A Water Piece

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        2. Colour Palette

The traditional colors of white and beige make for a dull and uninspiring backdrop which can be replaced with bright colors that will not only instantly uplift the environment but will go a long way in keeping the energy and creativity going.

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         3. Leisure Zone

The old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a mantra that we can not stress enough on. Contrary to popular belief, making your workers work for long shifts and burying them in a barrage of work is not the way to increase work output. Rather it’s by giving them enough leisure time in between or rather have them choose to take some leisure time in between work and then come back to work feeling energized.

What does that entail?

  • Gaming Room
  • A quiet place for meditation


          4. Mini Kitchen

No one is immune to hunger pangs or the urge to have another cup of coffee or tea. If your office is equipped with a mini kitchen where basic cooking can be done, it will be a plus point for your employees as they can make tea, coffee, sandwiches, etc. as per their will.

What does that entail?

  • Microwave with some microwave-safe dishes
  • Coffee maker
  • Staple ingredients
  • Induction Cooker
  • Kettle
  • Serving Cups and Plates


In conclusion, working space is not just about working, its also about keeping the workers happy and satisfied. If that is achieved, you can expect your workers to work efficiently and stick around for longer and provide you with better outcomes. Check out coworking space in Hyderabad.

reasons to hire coworking space

7 Reasons Why Corporates are Getting Inclined Towards Coworking Space

7 Reasons Why Corporates are Getting Inclined towards Coworking Space

Coworking space gives a boost to different start-ups as well as small or medium-sized firms. These companies not only get motivated but also help them in networking and building connections which gives them an exposure to various concepts, ideas, and innovative mindsets thus making it so much different from any normal place of work. Therefore, corporates have now started looking forward to working in coworking spaces by customizing them and making it flexible for operations. Augmentation of the company is one of the paramount reasons to hire coworking space.

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The Coworking spaces are mainly arising as a want amongst many prospering industries, the Insurance and Finance Industry being a giant of them all to have been deflected to coworking spaces.

Reason 1: Innovators Space

Coworking spaces are made for collaborations and involvement of every person. This gives a chance to the company to get closer to its innovators and work efficiency enhances.

Reason 2: Boost Productivity

One of the major reasons to hire coworking space by big corporates is to improve productivity. When people work side by side and coordinate with each other, they tend to do more work and be motivated.

Reason 3: Profit-Making

Now instead of buying everything separately and paying for commodities like furniture, utilities, rent of the office space, etc, wouldn’t it be easy to pay the monthly rent to space which is fully furnished? Yes right, it is profitable for big corporations and the saving is noticeable.

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 Reason 4: Professionality

To build a client base, one cannot sit at home on their couch with a laptop and built relationships. The act of going out and dealing with different types of people and working in a specific space can bring that professionality.

Reason 5: Versatile Environment

The environment plays an important role in determining the efficiency rate of corporate employees. For example Office space in Hyderabad offers one of the best environments for the employees where there is enough room for growth as well as in conjunction work is done quicker.

Reason 6: Best Creativity

A coworking space is a place of work that has the components of conventional office space and a tint of innovative and collaborative parts. The aura which is provided by such workspaces gives one a chance to enhance their creativity and work in an inventive and productive mindset.

Reason 7: Community

A sense of belonging is made when people start working together in a space with the right environment. The community not only helps to expand a person’s boundary by creating sources but also reflects on things such as personal level of interactions, creating professional relations with people from the known field of work and so on. Check out coworking space in chennai .


These were the major reasons to hire coworking space and why corporates are so inclined towards the same. Throwing away the age-old prevailing standards of working, the coworking spaces are establishing a fresh and very supple ambiance of working which compliments the need as well as the mindset possessed by youth today.

Benefits of dedicated desk

Benefits of Dedicated Desks and Why You Should Use One

Benefits of Dedicated Desks and Why You Should Use One

Whether it’s a company office or co-working spaces, the concept of providing or having a dedicated desk is highly beneficial and preferred by most of the working professionals around the world. Dedicated desks are not only helpful for the employees but work great in favor of the company as well. These desks can be arranged in different sequences for different purposes. Bigger office spaces can have featured desks that can be used for storing documents. This facility simplifies the overall aspect of working in an office and also brings about a sense of safety in the mind of the working professionals. Let us now identify some of the most recognized benefits of a dedicated desk

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  • Private space

A great benefit of having a dedicated desk is that it gives a sense of privacy without cutting off coworkers. An individual may take part in communication or might choose to focus on their distinct task. Hence, there is a sense of freedom while working at a co-working space. Individuals can rent a small dedicated desk by themselves or the owner can divide the space in such a manner that professionals from different fields can join forces to work together. 

  • Inexpensive

Dedicated desks are one of the most inexpensive office space options that are available in the corporate world. This is precisely why the concept of a dedicated desk in Hyderabad is highly preferred by start-ups. The initial expenditure of setting up an office right from starch can be completely avoided. 

  • Productivity 

Dedicated desks play a vital role in increasing the productivity of an individual. Let’s take the example of a student. They can focus better when they study on a desk at their homes. This also helps with time management. That is precisely why a lot of office space in Hyderabad is relying upon this concept.

  • Team management

If a team needs to work on a project that requires collecting effort, then the concept of dedicated desks can be of huge advantage. These desks can be customized for one person or an entire team. This provides them with the space that solely serves a single purpose.

  • Space management

Not every business can provide individual offices to every employee. Dedicated desks offer more room that can be utilized as per the needs of the business organization concerned. Therefore, space management is one of the most critical benefits of a dedicated desk.

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  • Sense of ownership

Employees that are assigned these dedicated desks can use it as per their requirements. This gives them a sense of ownership over their own space. The desks are equipped with all the necessary tools which make it easier for an individual to complete a given assignment on time. It gives rise to a psychological advantage as people tend to work better in such an environment as it feels more personal.

There are various other benefits of a dedicated desk. The best thing about them is that they are beneficial for both parties and can be used in the long run without limiting access to just one person.

Rent office space for filming

Rent office space for filming

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Office spaces have been used for filming since the advent of the legendary series, The Office. Many filming companies use offices in movies and series so that the audience can relate to it. Using an office space portrays the everyday life of the individual and how office life affects him. Advertisements as well are using office spaces to project products that can be used every day. 

Renting out office spaces have certain requirements to be fulfilled. Traditional office spaces cannot be used because they would disturb the office ambience. Most of the time, these offices do not rent office space for filming. Some of the best coworking space in Hyderabad, such as iSprout, often rent out office spaces filming, which is very convenient for the industry. The office set up is already complete, which allows the filmmaker to save money. The investment can be used for the film rather than the props, which would already be set up at the co-working space. 

Office space for Rent in Hyderabad for filming can be rented out for the same price as any other company would need the space. Co-working spaces like iSprout have packages that can be utilized for filming and makes the entire process easier. 

Benefits of Rent Office Space for Filming

While looking for the perfect office space, there are a few things to consider. These things include the size and look of the office space. They have to be a representation that the filmmaker is visualizing. 

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  • Size: The space of the office makes a big difference to the shooting. There has to be space for the props and equipment needed for shooting. The cameras, lights, and another set up will require a lot of space, which will take up time. Space has to be planned as well in such a way that the shape of the room meets the requirements of the director.
  • Furniture: The props in the co-working space are already set up. The office spaces, the cubicles, plants, and other office equipment in a co-working space is already placed for office use. Filmmakers do not have to invest in furniture when they rent office space for filming.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is the best form of light for a film. The office spaces have to be well lit. Co-working spaces like iSprout have open spaces and use a lot of natural sunlight in the building, not just for filming, but because it removes the lethargic feeling a closed environment has on employees.
  • Extras: Office space for startups in Hyderabad are best found in co-working spaces. This means there are a lot of jobs and employees walking around the premises at all times. These people can act as extras in movies to give a better setting while shooting an office scene. Extras at a co-working space are in large numbers and often serve many other purposes while filming. 


When you rent an office space for filming at a co-working space, you have all the benefits that any other company would have. This includes customized settings and amenities that would ease the work process you follow. Filming is just another occupation, and co-working spaces are set up to make sure your work zone is always safe and secure. 

Office Space Standards and Guidelines

Office Space Standards and Guidelines

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Office spaces are for companies to grow and thrive with their products or services. It is a place where people should not feel chained or forced to work. Several things could create a bad work atmosphere. It could start with a bad boss to a bad employee. It could also be the office itself that sets out a bad vibe for all the people within. For people, we have etiquette, and for the office space, we have listed office space standards and guidelines to follow. 

Office standards are a set of rules office spaces must follow to have the perfect set up for companies. Co-working spaces customize an office space for companies as per their requirement. But even then, the guidelines must be followed for the safety and security of all the people within the walls of the establishment. This prevents disasters and office accidents from taking place. It could also be the safety net from lawsuits that fall on the co-working spaces or offices. Office space for Rent in Hyderabad has to adhere to these rules and make the environment safer for clients.

Office space standards and guidelines are established to make the work environment functional and distant from hazards. Co-working spaces such as iSprout always meet these rules to ensure a worry-free work zone. The changing workplace and culture are always due to new rules that make it easier for altering the space. 

4 Office Space Standards and Guidelines to Keep in Mind


  1. The Workspace: Different levels of work staff require different workspaces. Although some of the best coworking space in Hyderabad prefer the transparency rule, higher officials are always given separate spaces to save important information and safeguard the secrets of the company. There are various rules to be followed in designing these offices including the spacing of furniture and exits.
  2. Security and Maintenance: Office spaces have to be monitored constantly to keep the employees safe. Cameras, security guards, and biometrics are all just a part of the security detail that must be followed to ensure the safety and security of the building. Maintenance must also be looked into to make the workplace a clean and healthy environment to work.
  3. Emergency exits: In the case of a fire or a shortage, emergency exits are an absolute must in an office space. They have to be planned for evacuations and exits in such a way that they are never blocked nor dangerous to the employees who use it. Emergency exits should be planned in such a way that there is a quick escape and no one is harmed in the process. As per office space standards and guidelines, this might be the most important one.
  4. Confidentiality: Companies keep their information stored and secure and co-working spaces design their offices as per this requirement. There are several ways to maintain the confidentiality level of employees such as biometrics and cameras but there must also be secure workrooms and spaces for the company.


The office space must be a safe environment to work. With the growing number of startups and co-working spaces, there is a need for rules and they must be followed at all times. This makes the workplace safer and easier to work. 

Coworking Spaces – Future Of Millennial StartUps

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Startups are on the rise. Every day we can see a ton of startups emerging. In fact, even the laws are made in such a way that startups have a more convenient way to start off and grow in the economy at their own pace. 

But startups do not have the funds that an established office would be able to provide for in terms of an office building or amenities for their employees. They have limited funds and need to be very careful about where they designate these funds for further growth. For this, a coworking space is the best solution. 

A coworking space provides all the basic amenities and facilities a company would need for a work environment that employees would be happy to work. The Coworking Space in Hyderabad is dominating the real estate industry and slowly eliminating the need for a traditional office space. 

Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are The Future For Millenial Startups

Companies no longer need to worry about meeting expenses on staff and security besides their own employees. Coworking spaces provide all these amenities and more such as meeting rooms, a cafeteria, and more. iSprout, a leading coworking Office Space in Hyderabad, is reputed in providing their clients and employees several benefits in the form of entertainment, freedom to network, and overall, a great work experience. These are just some of the factors that make it more suitable than a traditional office space. 

Millennials want a more creative environment to work. Whether it be the ability to simply walk around or networking, they always look for ways to think outside the box. Coworking spaces are designed to let the inner innovator out the employee and help startups by providing a modern ambiance and ease of access to facilities that can help kill stress. 

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Millenial startups, especially the app-based ones, are always looking for ways to save money to use on their products. This is why a co-working space is so much better than having to maintain your own office building because all the basic costs are looked after. A company in a co-working space is given a one time fee, which allows them to use all amenities during the stipulated period. 

Networking is key to the success of a company today. Millenial startups need to understand their market more as time is changing and so is the way things work. More partnerships are formed and people working together which allows a company to be innovative and work together with other companies. Co-working spaces are centered around the idea of giving companies a place to network and understand the working of brands around them. It also helps freelancers connect with companies that could benefit both parties. 


Coworking spaces are the future of not just millennials startups, but office spaces altogether. They give a company that sense of freedom in terms of expenses and that they do not have to worry about the office surroundings. Millenial startups can work and grow much more easily in a coworking space. 


Coworking space for interior designers. Challenge your inner creativity in the ideal workspace.

Coworking space for interior designers are Ideal

Interior designing is fun, but a lot of hard work. A mix of creativity, mathematics and a number of other disciplines, the field requires utmost and undivided attention.  Designers need a calm and quiet environment, replete with the latest technology so they can work in silence. Since interior designers ultimately dictate the decor of the place you live or work in, it is imperative that they have nothing but the best resources at their disposal.

Coworking space for interior designers are ideal because they foster a creative atmosphere for those working in the field. Since the world is moving away from traditional office spaces, coworking space in hyderabad are being preferred by working individuals as well as large companies. Whether you are an independent interior designer or are attached to a firm,  here’s why you should be looking up a coworking space right now.

An ideal environment for independent workers

If you are a solo freelance interior designer or have a small team of your own, a coworking space is ideal, as opposed to traditional office space. While the obvious reasons of high rent and high office overheads, coworking also allows for excellent opportunities to network with other like-minded individuals. In an increasingly gig-based economy, this is the best way to work. Say goodbye to high office rentals, and workspaces in the middle of nowhere. Sign up with a coworking space in the heart of the city, and let your productivity flow.

Amenities that suit designers

Designers need stable power connections and high-speed internet, as well as a plethora of other features, due to the nature of their work. Coworking spaces provide the above, and some more. Since space is already being taken care of by someone else, you don’t have to worry about overheads. All you need to do is arrive at the coworking space, and start working. iSprout is the ideal coworking space in Hyderabad.

Inspiring interiors

What is better for an interior designer than stunning interiors? Many coworking spaces have amazing architecture and stunning interior design. The designs are specifically tailored to make employees feel relaxed and energetic.  There’s even plenty of greenery thrown in for good measure. Plugin, take in the pleasant sights and sounds and let your creative juices start to flow. Great interiors and a beautiful workspace always automatically boost productivity.

Lots of space to work freely

A coworking space offers enough space to stretch out your large drawing sheets and work. You can easily find a large table to layout your design plans and work on them. No more bunching up huge interior design plans just because there isn’t a table large enough to contain them.

A fancy address for your clients

There’s nothing worse than a small, cramped office, or one located on the outskirts, for your clients to visit. As an interior designer, it is understood that you have to entertain clients frequently. A coworking space gives you a central address and a space that looks great. Carry out pitches, explain designs, and engage your client. Since first impressions are the most important, make a great impression on your clients, and see them come back for business every time.

  • Coworking spaces are therefore the best ground for budding and established interior designers who are looking for the ideal workspace. Outfitted with great amenities, and often stunning to look at, coworking spaces provide a calm oasis to do your work.
  • Socialize with other entrepreneurs, grab a cup of coffee with your clients, dig into snacks with your employees, and have productive days when you sign up with a coworking space.
  • Say goodbye to crummy office spaces in the middle of nowhere, and slow internet connections, amongst other office woes.
  • India has an amazing array of coworking spaces for interior designers. The big cities are seeing a distinct shift. From regular office spaces to coworking spaces.

Take for instance Hyderabad. The ‘City of Nizams’, as it is fondly known, has a large number of high-profile interior designers. Many are independent entrepreneurs who are branching out on their own. Those looking for reasonable and well-furnished office space for rent in Hyderabad, can check out iSprout. With a host of advantages, this is perfectly suited for interior designers.

Pros and Cons of working from a creative space

The future of work is changing – the cubicle era is slowly being taken over by creative spaces. Whether you are a small startup team or a sole proprietor, coworking space in Hyderabad, are the new hottest office option available in every startup city. Spaces like Ministry of New in Mumbai are the new attractions in town but it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons before choosing any space for your new business.


1.Choose membership as per your finances:

YThe major reason for choosing any co-working space is the price. If you are a freelancer, you can still choose to work from a creative environment rather working alone from home. If you are a team of people, feel free to choose the plan which suits your needs the best. For example, if you are looking for a co-working space in Hyderabad iSprout offers multiple instant office plans. No tension to sign a long lease, work with flexibility till you want and get access to all office supplies, even FREE coffee at many places. What better can one ask for?

2.Community and networking:

This is the biggest advantage of working from co-working spaces since you will stay close to the community and get more chance to mingle with similar like-minded people. You might just meet someone with valuable skills or even meet your potential leads, who knows!

3.Move-in-ready, no administrative hassle

If you are starting a new business, 50% of your time might get invested in sorting administrative, legal and financial stuff for your organization. Many coworking space in Hyderabad offer these help as a part of your plan and take off the burden so that you can focus better on your business. At iSprout we offer payroll services, accounting services, consultancy and a lot more customized to your requirements. The best part is that you don’t have to think before expanding your team from 8 to 10 to 50 since your co-working space will take care of it.

4.Creative and collaborative environment:

No one believes in running businesses traditional ways anymore, it has to be creative. Sometimes it is really boring and de-motivating to brainstorm from a silent cubicle space – isn’t it? Creative space provides very different energy to help you think out of the box. The positive effects are definitely more.


1.No Privacy, more distractions:

The ultimate idea of choosing a creative workspace is to increase your productivity but if you are planning to choose the space for your team, ensure you choose a plan that includes access to private meeting rooms as and when required. Sometimes you might need to discuss private official stuff with your team and privacy can be a big issue in such situations. Also, most of the office space for rent in Hyderabad are crowded hence you might need a space to have your alone time to dwell through company-related issues.

2.Conflicts and competitions:

Working with many companies under the same roof mean there are high chances you might come across your competitors too. This could be a positive thing if you can turn it into a collaboration rather than competition. Even if it’s a competition, the best way would be to handle it with maturity.

3.Working hours of Co-working space:

Even though most of the co-working spaces are open 24*7 but don’t forget to double check the timings. Some of the co-working