Money matters, often more acutely for part-time workers, new entrepreneurs and all those businessmen who have small budget to choose their workspace. A dedicated desk is a workspace that’s reserved only for you. It has the standard furniture, gadget and décor set-up that is essential for your work. So you are in your personal zone to begin or sign-off anytime round the clock. At iSprout, you will be in the company of many enterprising souls chasing their dreams. Apart from your dedicated desk coworking space, you will also be entitled to other it office space for rent in Hyderabad for your work and play.

Hyderabad Office Space For Rent

Besides the economic advantage, there are many benefits that come with the concept of dedicated desks

Advantages of Dedicated Desk Coworking Space


iSprout dedicated desks come at rental plans that are very conducive for entrepreneurs, freelancers, proprietors and others who financial constraints.


iSprout dedicated desks are ideal for those who love to work in their personal zone. There are creativity and inspiration all around.


This comes fully equipped with gadgets and paraphernalia that’s ideal to work in peace. Our inspiring workspaces designed with vibrant interiors and creative corners sets us apart from any other coworking space in hyderabad.


iSprout dedicated desk comes with the added advantage of an inspiring common area and dedicated zones for leisure, lounge, food court, play and more.


iSprout desk owners have many more advantages besides their own workspace. They can attend periodic mentoring sessions with industry experts and guest speakers.


isprout dedicated desks are isolated workstations. They are housed amidst lively ambiance and inspirational décor at every corner. There are young and energetic professionals all around to befriend.

Choose iSprout dedicated desk if you are looking for exceptional value-for-money complimented with the most inspiring coworking space in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Chennai.   So work in complete privacy amidst creativity all around. When the work gets too much, unwind at various zones for games, entertainment, leisure or lounge.

To sum up, our modern coworking spaces are not only built based on your professional needs, but also as per your monthly budget and aesthetic taste. We are just a phone call or an e-mail away. Get in touch with us. We will ensure that your need for office space for rent in Hyderabad, Vijayawada or Chennai ends in affirmative. For iSprout, the motto is simple: “work hard and play harder”.