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10 innovative trends for coworking space

10 Innovative Trends for Coworking Spaces in 2020

Coworking spaces have become a trending global phenomenon since its emergence in 2005. It helps to brings working professionals together originating from different industries together and puts them under the same roof, working independently, yet together as a whole. It offers a wide range of benefits as people from diverse backgrounds can interact and communicate with one another to create a favourable working atmosphere for everyone. The current trends for coworking spaces are already being practised heavily in the metropolitan cities of India.

With technology, experience, and sociability, coworking spaces are not only preferred by the startups and entrepreneurs but also mainstream corporates. India with its strong emerging startup culture has also witnessed impressive growth in the coworking trends. This is precisely why there is an immediate rise in the popularity of office space in Hyderabad. It matches the needs of a freelancer as well as an established corporate with its inspiring workspaces.

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Following are the list of trends for coworking spaces in 2020 

  1. Employee security: As per recent studies, office space in Hyderabad adequate employee security which ensures that the individuals working under the co-working space umbrella are highly motivated and efficient at their designated jobs. Therefore, co-working spaces are focusing on the aspect of increasing employee security in the long run.
  2. 24/7 Shift: Due to an immediate increase in demand for IT services, the co-working space in Hyderabad is now considering to provide 24/7 services to companies and freelancers that work with international clients.
  3. Sustainability: As growth along with sustainability has become the global slogan, enterprises have also begun to acknowledge the importance of sustainable growth. Companies are also taking into consideration environmental growth as more plants are being incorporated into the present office set up.
  4. Niche Based Co-working Spaces: The concept of niche-based office has been one of the most significant trends for coworking spaces. The idea of a dedicated working atmosphere which only caters to a specific job role will helps companies to learn and interact with each other.
  5. Additional services: The present co-working spaces are willingly offering additional spaces where facilities of homemade food, babysitting, pet-friendly amenities, etc. are being offered.
  6. Modern Design and Comfortable furniture: Apart from offering dedicated desks, some co-working spaces are trying to create a much more relaxed atmosphere within the said office space by installing comfortable couches and standing tables which can be utilized by the employees.
  7. Team Building Activities: Co-working spaces are also offering yoga classes and organizing weekly lunch programs so that people can effectively interact with one another.
  8. Digital Marketing Services: Certain coworking spaces in Hyderabad are offering additional digital marketing services which the companies can benefit from.
  9. Target audience: Apart from the freelancers and entrepreneurs, coworking spaces are branching out into mainstream corporates too. Also, field centric co-working space helps people to find people to share ideas, collaborate, etc.
  10. Multiple locations: Multi-location coworking spaces are going to issue global membership passes to their members.


These are some of the major trends for the coworking spaces in 2020. So be sure to get in touch with these experts to capitalize on the services offered by these professional firms.