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Coworking Space for Entrepreneurs

Coworking Space for Entrepreneurs


Business is ever-expanding. With pre-established companies branching out into newer grounds, or the sprouting of start-ups, collaborations, alliances, partnership, etc. business is constantly evolving. And this evolution of business enterprises demands a parallel development in the spatial aspect of housing a business center. The solution for such a crisis is coworking space for entrepreneurs.

Every business, big or small, experienced or start-ups, requires a work-space. Business enterprises contribute significantly to the real estate. Generally, major established firms prefer to rent their own permanent office space, firstly, because they can afford it, and secondly, because it makes it easier to handle business from within a single, static space. 

But along with owning your own office space comes the task of rents, maintenance, etc. In recent times, the business sector has observed a considerable increase in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurs. When it comes to funding start-ups, it is not always viable to rent a traditional office space, due to the high rental prices. 

Co-working space is defined as a business service provision model that involves individuals or small groups working independently or collaboratively in small office spaces. With costly rents for office space in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and other thriving cities, renting an office space is simply futile. Hence, commercial real estate devised the concept of coworking spaces, fully equipped with commodities required for conducting businesses. With flexible workspaces and working hours, coworking spaces are a milestone in promoting the growth of business and to build a sense of a shared community. 

Realizing there is a huge demand and potential to provide co-working spaces, iSprout Business Center offers inspiring workspaces to match the needs of the continually transforming business enterprises. From a single dedicated space for freelancers to custom-made offices for established corporates, iSprout strives to provide an ideal space for all. The following are the different spatial set-ups offered:


  1. Coworking space
  2. Private office space 
  3. Single desks
  4. Virtual offices
  5. Conference rooms 
  6. Meeting/board rooms


These individual spaces can be rented as per requirement, on hourly, daily or monthly bases. These cater not only to the start-ups but also for companies that require temporary workspaces time and again. Along with world-class facilities like internet access, front desk services, parking, daily cleaning, 24/7 security, phone booth, printers and scanners, cafeteria and much more, iSprout ensures that the Coworking Space for Entrepreneurs is completely prepared to house the businesses with all their needs. With well-serviced spaces, trained supporting staff, attractive amenities in prime locations, iSprout is known for their innovative corners and client-friendly plans.

Benefits of coworking space for Entrepreneurs

The flexibility of workspace and timings

Coworking spaces like iSprout provide entrepreneurs with the advantage of flexible working hours and workspaces. With multi-usable spaces, iSprout offers a solution for all your spatial needs. With rents based on hourly, daily or monthly lease, the spaces are designed to suit the purpose of each business. Entrepreneurs, still in their formative years can opt for hot desks, whereas smaller teams can choose cabins. At iSprout, there is a place for everyone. Furthermore, with 24-hour services, the coworking space has no restriction on working hours. Early mornings, late nights or even holidays, iSprout is open for all zealous businesses at all times.

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A professional work environment 

Working from home or in public cafes where the alternative option for businesses that couldn’t afford to rent an office space. However, that is not an ideal atmosphere for growing businesses. People are subject to feel isolated and distracted in these set-ups. Also, conducting meetings in cafes are not conducive in portraying s positive brand image. At iSprout, coworking spaces are distraction-free and since it is technically an office space, the right ambiance for work and progress is set.

Lower rental prices 

The primary reason for the conception of co-working spaces is to vanquish the need to own private office space, bearing the rents and maintenance. Coworking spaces are pocket-friendly as it is necessity-based and renting these spaces as in when required supplies huge monetary benefits to companies. Based on pay per use model, coworking spaces come with flexible membership plans and lifts the burden of maintaining the space for the shoulders of the rising entrepreneurs. Shared office spaces in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and other metro cities is the ideal way to save on the funds.

Perks of Space 

Coworking spaces nowadays are fully equipped with high-class facilities and services. From technical support to restaurants and gyms, Coworking spaces have them all, and that too at a very affordable cost.

A sense of shared community

The major difference between working in a private own office and a coworking space is the level of interaction and communication. Since coworking spaces have no barriers, people can work in a lively and functional set-up, with opportunities to interact with the co-renters. This naturally creates a very connected community of workers progressing towards their dreams and success.

With iSprout, coworking space for entrepreneurs is a dream come true for the business enterprises to possess an ideal workspace.