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Life at iSprout

Life at iSprout and Why It is Different From Other Working Spaces?

The changing trend in the office culture


It is a very common notion that a 9 to 5 job is boring. It is because we all know corporate offices are very strict and there is not much to do when you are inside working. The traditional offices normally have cubicles installed in which you work and at the end of the day you leave for your house. Boring isn’t it? These offices do not have any space for activities and lack modern amenities. Traditional offices are very simple when it comes to decor.

These offices have cubicles, desks, tables, computers, chairs, cupboards to keep the files and pale wall paint. In a recent study, we have found out that the monotony of work and depressing environment reduces an employee’s efficiency by 40%. If your employee is not working to their fullest, then it is a matter of concern for the company. To make sure your employees are happy, try expanding your office horizon and check out Life at iSprout. If you are still confused about what we are talking about then let’s discuss how you can battle the monotony of work your employees are facing. 

Apart from providing a change in the monotonous work life, these new types of office are also becoming popular as they were much economical. Sharing office space for rent in Hyderabad is one of the major reasons why such shared offices are gaining steady popularity

But before we get started first let us explain what is iSprout.

Life at iSprout

Recently you must have heard the term of shared workspace right? This concept is everywhere and is one of the major talks among corporates. iSprout provides office space in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Chennai. They provide ultra-modern amenities with funky interiors. This type of office set up lightens the mood and makes you more proactive.

Now you must be wondering why iSprout is better than the other shared workspaces. Life at iSprout is amazing and cannot be compared to other workspaces. The amenities which they provide are far better other workspaces. Also, the pricing is competitive and everyone can find the perfect deal for themselves.

How is iSprout different from other working spaces

iSprout has managed to woo its customers with the amenities it is providing. iSprout is different from others in this segment because of the following reasons

Flexi Plan

iSprout offers various types of workspace which include dedicated desks, office space, co-working space, manager cabins, meeting rooms, etc. iSprout offers all types of the plan which are suitable for freelancers, small startups and even a big company. 


If you are wondering whether the services that iSprout providers are expensive, then you are wrong. iSprout understands the struggle a freelancer or a start-up goes through. This is the reason why all types of workspaces are priced at a moderate range. 

Activity place

Most of the shared workspaces are compact and there is hardly any space to move. These workspaces only focus on providing the basic amenities required by an individual to work. But they forget that other than work, an individual needs to do some recreational activities in order to remain efficient. iSprout provides the space for recreation activities where an individual can unwind when he/she feels too stressed out. 

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Due to lack of space, most of the shared workspaces fail to provide a hygienic cafeteria. iSprout understands that employees need a separate space to have their meals instead of eating on their own workstation. Eating in your own workstation is not at all hygienic and tends to make the place dirty. This is the reason why iSprout provides a spacious canteen.

Parking space

Other than providing amazing workstations, iSprout also provides designated parking space so that employees do not have to face the trouble of finding a spot to park their vehicles. 

Printing and xerox facility

iSprout makes sure that all their shared workplaces are equipped with all the necessary equipment required for office work. These equipment include printing, xerox, fax, and other facilities.

High-speed internet

Without the internet, no business can operate these days. To ensure that you have a smooth experience while working on your laptop, iSprout offers high-speed internet and upgraded WiFi. No one wants to work with low-speed internet. Therefore, if you wish to work without any obstruction, then iSprout has got it all covered.  

Front desk Facility

Everyone aspiring professional wants to work in an office that has modern amenities and a professional touch to it. The workspaces provided by iSprout are equipped with front desk facility to ensure smooth operations and a professional outlook.


So, here are 8 reasons why iSprout is much better than other shared workspaces. Also, these workspaces are very beneficial for freelancers, startups or even companies as they get to work in an office where it has all the modern amenities at economical prices.