coworking spaces 


Office spaces have come a long way with the rise in demand for inspiring and interactive workplaces. Today office spaces are reimagined as fun places where ideas can freely flow, and people can collaborate. Coworking spaces, a term coined in 2005, have greatly impacted this transformation. 


Coworking spaces are not the humble abode for only start-ups and freelancers anymore. Many corporate giants realized the correlation between open workspaces and productivity. Companies like Dell and Amazon are leading the way and have their teams operating from shared workplaces. 


Coworking spaces originated as an alternative to bustling coffee shops or sometimes restful work from home set-up. Today companies value their employees and don’t view them as a mere headcount. They want employees to feel energetic and happy while coming to work. iSprout understands this and provides you a coworking space in Hyderabad  as per your requirements at reasonable prices. 


Why corporate giants are adopting the shared office space concept 


  1. For any business, big or small, the cost has always been one of the most critical factors. Collaborative workspaces provide a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to businesses. Coworking spaces offer the opportunity to have offices at stellar locations at affordable prices, which could have burnt a hole in the case of traditional office buildings. It can save up to 20-25% of business expenses that could be used to expand the business. 
  2. Shared office space provide a time-saving alternative as companies do not need to deal with office maintenance and constant repairs. 
  3. The interactions with like-minded people from the same and varying professional backgrounds are healthy for the employees. Coworking spaces provide open and diverse working spaces that can be a space for knowledge-based creative interactions that can help employees get new perspectives. 
  4. Coworking spaces provide the perfect opportunity to get the market’s pulse while maintaining the privacy of your business. These workspaces offer the option to book private cabins to maintain privacy, but at the same time staying aware of the latest happenings in the sector with the easy and faster exchange of information. 
  5. These coworking spaces usually provide access to the space 24×7 with the amenities like a cafeteria, high-speed internet connection, break rooms, etc. Hence, the employees feel more energetic and productive throughout their work schedule in shared office spaces. Learn more about the amenities provided by iSprout, premium coworking spaces in Hyderabad. 

Shared office space is not an alien idea anymore. At iSprout, we believe that a comfortable coworking space can aid in an innovative and inspiring work culture where peers can collaborate while enjoying the vibrancy of the workplace.