Is WFH set to continue in 2022

Ever since the arrival of coronavirus, people, as well as companies, have gone through some major changes in their working style. Work from home became the new normal where the employees were encouraged to stay at home and work. When all the dust settled, it became evident that work from home is more productive and employees are more focused in most of the cases.


With the ongoing pandemic, wfh is here to stay for quite some time, with many big companies already announcing hybrid work culture or indefinite wfh. There are numerous benefits of working from home:

  • Less commute stress
  • Better work-life balance
  • Reduced cost
  • Freedom to choose a work location
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Broader recruitment spectrum
  • Comfortable and customizable office
  • Happier, healthier work environment

A New Way Forward: Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces have come up as the best alternative to work from home for the employees who wants a sense of routine or need to attend important official meetings. iSprout is one of the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad that provides creative space to all.

Tip: if you have an important deadline to meet, try working from coworking space. It will help you in increasing your productivity.


Co-working spaces in Hyderabad provide a unique environment to the individual employee as well as to the company that has rented out the private space. They are the new “cool homes” to small companies that want an office space with all the perks at the minimal monthly costs. In these few years, they have gained popularity with companies-big & small, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees. Some of the benefits provided by coworking spaces are listed below:

  • Never a dull day at coworking space as you can meet inspiring professionals
  • Switching workspace can be inspiring
  • Provides ample opportunities to network
  • Travelling and working is possible with the help of coworking spaces. iSprout has its coworking spaces in Chennai and many other cities
  • These spaces encourage entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Work from a hammock, outdoor space, or caddy- whatever suits your fancy
  • Get the stability and routine without the anxiety of going to office


To see how coworking space can fit into your remote working and traveling schedule, visit iSprout, Premium Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad.