Meeting Room

In today’s corporate work culture, conducting frequent meetings and discussions have become a regular feature. It is a place for brainstorming, empowering ideas and polishing strategies to fuel the present and future corporate growth. iSprout Meeting Room offers an ideal venue with all the modern A/V gadgets,  seamless internet connectivity, soothing interiors and comfortable seating arrangements for a hassle-free meeting experience.

iSprout Meeting Room offers many advantages that are a delight for a start-up to blue-chip companies. Let’s delve a few advantages one by one.


iSprout Meeting Room is a perfect example of blending creative aesthetics with maximum optimization of space and soothing lighting needed to build a most modern meeting room


iSprout Meeting Room has an in-build network of wires, gadgets, plug-points and modern accessories needed to conduct a glitch-free meeting


iSprout Meeting Room offers very comfortable and relaxing seating arrangements to all the meeting participants


iSprout Meeting Room offers a high-speed internet connection for a hassle-free meeting experience


iSprout Meeting Room can be rented at a fraction of the cost of hiring any other meeting room from outside.


iSprout Meeting Room can be availed as per the user’s time, calendar or budget considerations.

iSprout Meeting Room is a much-needed relief for entrepreneurs and businesses who have to frequently conduct meetings and group discussions. They can now easily do away from renting meeting room or conference halls from expensive hotels who charge a bomb for their services.

To sum up, our modern coworking spaces are not only built based on your professional needs, but also as per your monthly budget and aesthetic taste. We are just a phone call or an e-mail away. Get in touch with us. We will ensure that your need for office space in Hyderabad, Vijayawada or Chennai ends in affirmative. For iSprout, the motto is simple: “work hard and play harder”.