Co-working space – Space as a solution (SaaS)

There’s a new trend in the corporate world: Outsourcing non-core activities so that they can focus on core business. In the recent times, No corporate company is taking care of security, housekeeping, IT Support etc., directly. All these activities are outsourced completely. There is still one area where corporates are spending lot of money & time – Workspaces.  Most of the companies are still taking a building, entering into a long-term lease agreement with strict lock-in period, spending lot of capital expenditure for interiors and coming up with traditional office spaces. Unfortunately, they are still treating it as just a real estate.

But today’s digital work is not happening in a traditional way. Digital workspace is changing dynamically and providing innovative solutions for better productivity, Innovation and employee satisfaction. Then why not physical work space can be used as a strategic tool for innovation? We need to fuel growth with the right combination of modern digital space with the vibrant workspaces. Vibrant workspaces can be very expensive. One solution to attain high class work space in stellar locations is to opt for co-working space in a Business Centre. Business Centre’s are coming up with world class facilities and taking care of your every office space need.

What are the major advantages of Co-Working Spaces

  1. More focus on core business – as you are not spending time and energy on space needs
  2. Affordability – Offices in premium locations with World-class facilities are not affordable but co-working space are
  3. Mobility – There is more flexibility as you are not chained to long-leases
  4. Collaboration – Be more motivated to work by surrounding yourself of hardworking professionals like you and you can network with people with different skillsets.
  5. Socializing – Spending time socializing create valuable business contacts. Expanded professional network may help in expanding your business
  6. Fully equipped meeting rooms on demand
  7. Sense of community instead of isolation
  8. Vibrant culture with events and celebrations

Worried about information security?

If you are worried about information security, business center’s offer private offices with separate access control which may be little expensive but surely provide info security.

Amenities provided at co-working spaces ranges from high speed internet, firewall, digital networking, housekeeping, reception area, cafeteria to shared staff members, such as receptionists. But the most priceless amenities are the unexpected discussions at coffee machine or in cafeteria.

What is the criteria for selecting best co-working space?

  1. Business centre should own the real estate or have long-lease to avoid closure.
  2. It should be managed by professionals with experience so that there no technical as well as maintenance issues
  3. It should be located in prime area with high class interiors and modern facilities
  4. Facility should be vibrant with the occupancy more than 70%

How can we help?

            iSprout is a world class business centre established by highly eminent professionals. It provides inspiring workspaces with state of the art facilities through a professional onsite team constantly working to fulfill your business needs. If you are looking for a most reputed business centre in Hyderabad (India) or Vijayawada (India), we can help you out.

iSprout Services

  • Custom built offices
  • Virtual office
  • Team Spaces
  • Private Offices
  • Co-working Spaces
  • Conference Facilities

Along with space solutions, we also provide other professional services

  • Business Setup Services,
  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Audit & Tax Filing
  • Business Travel Needs

June 4, 2018