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Everything you need to know about a Coworking Space

As times are transitioning and modernization tends to be at its peak, new work cultures are emerging with result-driven approaches. One such idea that has gained immense attention lately is the concept of coworking spaces in Hyderabad . This model of working has shifted us from the traditional way of having a bonded workspace to now having a shared environment where flexibility can be exercised at its best.

Coworking spaces are the new-gen trend of working with freedom. In a coworking culture, the entire office space is shared amongst multiple people who wish to work with lesser liabilities and burdens. Established in 1995, this approach has proved to be a cost-efficient one since here you pay only for space you occupy and not for the complete office area. This gives the user a good deal of convenience with little worries to carry on. Most coworking spaces in Hyderabad now offer a plethora of services including Wi-Fi, printers, meeting rooms, individual desks, and a mini kitchen for the coffee to keep brewing!

Coworking Spaces: Altering your Work Style

Bringing vigorous energies to work and setting up an energetic environment all around, the coworking spaces cater to the altered needs of the customers. This striking work culture is fundamentally based on shared spaces. People can choose to rent either some part of the entire area or just a few dedicated desks. Such a setup where people can be flexible in their working style with no future commitments to honor in terms of workspaces has successfully given rise to the new “uber cult.”

Whom is this Space for?

Usually thought to be suitable for only freelancers, the coworking spaces are apt for practically anyone who wishes to work free-mindedly including individual consultants, start-ups, or even small and medium scale businesses. Such spaces provide a great opportunity to network and expand your reach while serving you an eloquent workplace at affordable prices even for remote workers, enterprises, and NGOs.  What a deal, isn’t it?!

Regular Office VS Coworking Spaces

The traditional office routines of long working hours and exploited mental stability due to unnecessary burdens have had a significant change due to the popularity gained by the coworking spaces. Unlike the regular office cultures, the coworking concept originates from a sense of difference in the attitude of people. At such spaces, the sole focus is on the work and the accomplished tasks with no worry of the resources and their maintenance. While working in such an environment, you get to be more productive and strive harder for your set targets. It becomes easier for you to be working all by yourself and yet not be alone thus maintaining a great sense of connectivity.

How to Choose a Space for Yourself?

Before finalizing your coworking space, always check if your desk location is as per your choice since this would be your place for making great revenues. Make it a point to cross-check all your requirements as below for smooth workflow:

  • The hardware-support for your nature of work.
  • The exact costings involved
  • Surrounding environment and its suitability
  • Region of space dedicated to you

Shift From the Traditional Approach

Following the new trend of coworking spaces, you no longer have the reporting of the 9 am to 5 pm time slots, since you can come and get your work done at any time of the day. This enhances the overall structure of your working style and also lays more importance to the work than the process. With this concept in place, you get to work according to your choices which were highly unlikely during your traditional offices. Many new entrepreneurs are actively making a shift from their traditional offices and looking for office space for rent in Hyderabad to welcome these latest work styles.

Working spaces play a very decisive role in your life and in the lives of your workers and thus it requires dedicated consideration. Switch your workstation to iSprout today and let us help you find your place of work!

Benefits of dedicated desk

Benefits of Dedicated Desks and Why You Should Use One

Benefits of Dedicated Desks and Why You Should Use One

Whether it’s a company office or co-working spaces, the concept of providing or having a dedicated desk is highly beneficial and preferred by most of the working professionals around the world. Dedicated desks are not only helpful for the employees but work great in favor of the company as well. These desks can be arranged in different sequences for different purposes. Bigger office spaces can have featured desks that can be used for storing documents. This facility simplifies the overall aspect of working in an office and also brings about a sense of safety in the mind of the working professionals. Let us now identify some of the most recognized benefits of a dedicated desk

private office space for rent

  • Private space

A great benefit of having a dedicated desk is that it gives a sense of privacy without cutting off coworkers. An individual may take part in communication or might choose to focus on their distinct task. Hence, there is a sense of freedom while working at a co-working space. Individuals can rent a small dedicated desk by themselves or the owner can divide the space in such a manner that professionals from different fields can join forces to work together. 

  • Inexpensive

Dedicated desks are one of the most inexpensive office space options that are available in the corporate world. This is precisely why the concept of a dedicated desk in Hyderabad is highly preferred by start-ups. The initial expenditure of setting up an office right from starch can be completely avoided. 

  • Productivity 

Dedicated desks play a vital role in increasing the productivity of an individual. Let’s take the example of a student. They can focus better when they study on a desk at their homes. This also helps with time management. That is precisely why a lot of office space in Hyderabad is relying upon this concept.

  • Team management

If a team needs to work on a project that requires collecting effort, then the concept of dedicated desks can be of huge advantage. These desks can be customized for one person or an entire team. This provides them with the space that solely serves a single purpose.

  • Space management

Not every business can provide individual offices to every employee. Dedicated desks offer more room that can be utilized as per the needs of the business organization concerned. Therefore, space management is one of the most critical benefits of a dedicated desk.

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  • Sense of ownership

Employees that are assigned these dedicated desks can use it as per their requirements. This gives them a sense of ownership over their own space. The desks are equipped with all the necessary tools which make it easier for an individual to complete a given assignment on time. It gives rise to a psychological advantage as people tend to work better in such an environment as it feels more personal.

There are various other benefits of a dedicated desk. The best thing about them is that they are beneficial for both parties and can be used in the long run without limiting access to just one person.

Rent office space for filming

Rent office space for filming

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Office spaces have been used for filming since the advent of the legendary series, The Office. Many filming companies use offices in movies and series so that the audience can relate to it. Using an office space portrays the everyday life of the individual and how office life affects him. Advertisements as well are using office spaces to project products that can be used every day. 

Renting out office spaces have certain requirements to be fulfilled. Traditional office spaces cannot be used because they would disturb the office ambience. Most of the time, these offices do not rent office space for filming. Some of the best coworking space in Hyderabad, such as iSprout, often rent out office spaces filming, which is very convenient for the industry. The office set up is already complete, which allows the filmmaker to save money. The investment can be used for the film rather than the props, which would already be set up at the co-working space. 

Office space for Rent in Hyderabad for filming can be rented out for the same price as any other company would need the space. Co-working spaces like iSprout have packages that can be utilized for filming and makes the entire process easier. 

Benefits of Rent Office Space for Filming

While looking for the perfect office space, there are a few things to consider. These things include the size and look of the office space. They have to be a representation that the filmmaker is visualizing. 

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  • Size: The space of the office makes a big difference to the shooting. There has to be space for the props and equipment needed for shooting. The cameras, lights, and another set up will require a lot of space, which will take up time. Space has to be planned as well in such a way that the shape of the room meets the requirements of the director.
  • Furniture: The props in the co-working space are already set up. The office spaces, the cubicles, plants, and other office equipment in a co-working space is already placed for office use. Filmmakers do not have to invest in furniture when they rent office space for filming.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is the best form of light for a film. The office spaces have to be well lit. Co-working spaces like iSprout have open spaces and use a lot of natural sunlight in the building, not just for filming, but because it removes the lethargic feeling a closed environment has on employees.
  • Extras: Office space for startups in Hyderabad are best found in co-working spaces. This means there are a lot of jobs and employees walking around the premises at all times. These people can act as extras in movies to give a better setting while shooting an office scene. Extras at a co-working space are in large numbers and often serve many other purposes while filming. 


When you rent an office space for filming at a co-working space, you have all the benefits that any other company would have. This includes customized settings and amenities that would ease the work process you follow. Filming is just another occupation, and co-working spaces are set up to make sure your work zone is always safe and secure. 

Coworking Space for Freelancers

Coworking Space for Freelancers

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Freelancers are willing to pay money for an office in a co-working space instead of working from their homes for several reasons. Coworking space for freelancers not only help them save money but also provide all the basic amenities needed for infrastructure. Having an office space not only gives your brand a better name but adds to the environment of your employees. Read: Advantages of coworking space

The surroundings you work in always make a difference in the productivity you will have while at work. A good office surrounding makes you feel less lethargic and make you fear deadlines more. Office environments help not only employees but also freelancers improve their work at coworking space for freelancers. There are several opportunities that freelancers can find in a co-working space. 

Companies look for freelancers to handle jobs that are not directly related to their work process and product. They also provide more opportunities for freelancers and cut costs for companies. Freelancers and companies, thus, work for hand in hand and work best at a coworking space in Hyderabad

Benefits of Coworking Space for Freelancers 


  1. Saves Money: Coworking spaces for freelancers help secure the same benefits as a startup without spending too much on office space. This helps freelancers enjoy the atmosphere of a workplace without the troubles that follow. 
  2. Work Timing: Coworking spaces in Hyderabad, such as iSprout, tend to their clients by providing an office space throughout the day and night as well. This allows freelancers to work at their convenience without losing an opportunity or work time.
  3. More Opportunities: With exposure to more companies, freelancers can find more work and opportunities within the co-working space. Startups and new companies always prefer to outsource certain work including marketing and writing, which do not directly relate to the product or work process. This helps companies save money while assuring work for a freelancer.
  4. Infrastructure: Unlike bigger companies, startups prefer to work in co-working spaces because it saves them money on infrastructure. This works the same for freelancers who do not need to spend separately for security, maintenance, and all other facilities that an office requires. Even meeting rooms are provided at the co-working space which allows freelancers to have a more professional look to their clients.
  5. Office Surrounding: A co-working space is not just a free area. It is a place to work with a personal touch. It provides office space for companies that want an office space that represents their brand. It gives employees a feeling of professionalism but also keeps them happy. Freelancers also enjoy these benefits and have a space that keeps them happy while being at work. 
  6. Networking: The major benefit of a co-working space is networking, which works in favour of freelancers. Office space in Hyderabad in a traditional office do not allow employees to mingle and talk to employees of other companies. This limits their ability to network and grow. Freelancers can use this to their advantage by securing work with the companies in the co-working space. 


Coworking spaces are the best choices for freelancers because they can help provide guaranteed work. This works even better than securing work online from freelance websites. Co-working spaces like iSprout are becoming more convenient for freelancers in terms of packages and opportunities. 


Future of Coworking Spaces in India

Future of Coworking Spaces in India

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Coworking spaces are taking over the real estate industry for offices and startups in India. The future of coworking spaces in India is sealing its place in office property because of the benefits it provides to a company. Startups are on the rise today, and co-working spaces are the first choice for office space because of the convenience and reduction in expenses a co-working space presents. Indian businesses are rampantly opening due to the advantageous laws and this gives rise to a need for office spaces. 

Co-working spaces provide several amenities to new businesses and freelancers. Saving money on infrastructure is just one element that makes them better than a traditional office space. All major cities are seeing a rise in employment. A coworking space in Hyderabad, Bangalore or even Mumbai can lead to a log of jobs for freelancers and smaller startups that are looking for a professional set up. 

India, in particular, has different types of office environments. Many buildings have shared offices to rent out spaces and make the most of the property. Mall, apartments, and houses are being turned into office buildings for startups. Co-working spaces are unmatched in comparison to these establishments because of the investment and better facilities they provide. Office space in Hyderabad would be much less expensive at a co-working space than a private house and also provide more amenities to clients. 

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Future of Coworking spaces in India


  • The modern working employee no longer wants to stay confined to the walls of an office. They need a more exciting and fun experience to be more creative. Innovation and productivity are the products of a good work environment and work culture. This helps employees grow and retains them in companies. Co-working spaces have customized the work ambience into something that employees can be proud of. With recreational means, co-working spaces keep employees in the company and always give them something to look forward to. 
  • The future of coworking spaces in India is very bright because co-working spaces are the product of new work culture. This culture involves flexible work timings allowing people to work as per their convenience. 
  • Office spaces for rent in Hyderabad, especially in a co-working space, are always made for their clients to be happy and represent the client. They customize the office space and grow with their clients. Co-working spaces also adapt to the type of work that the client may have in their work process. It could be a confidential work system that requires biometric access or other amenities that can easily be installed for the purpose.
  • Co-working spaces are primarily less expensive than other office establishments because they take care of maintenance and security. The businesses in the co-working space do not have to worry about their surroundings but rather focus on their product and nothing more. This gives way for more productivity and a direction for investment. Startups are hooked onto co-working spaces for this reason.
  • Besides all these points, co-working spaces are a hub for networking. New startups can approach bigger companies and understand the work process. It speeds up the evolution of smaller companies and startups which helps them achieve more goals.


There are several reasons why co-working spaces are flourishing in India. The fact remains that companies would choose a co-working space simply because they have all their requirements met with half the investment, or maybe less.


Advantages of Co-working Spaces in 2020

Listen to Blog – Advantages of Co-Working Spaces in 2020

The number of Co-Working spaces is on the rise in 2020. This is because of the rise of startups and other companies. Most of these companies do not have the resources to establish their office space and look after all the facilities needed to keep their employees happy. Co-working spaces are designed specifically for the betterment of the employee. Today we can clearly see the Advantages of Co-working Spaces in 2020 which provide outlets for food, large parking spaces and transport services for all workers within the co-working space. 

What are the Advantages of Co-Working Spaces in 2020?

  • Cost Efficiency – 

Companies that form a co-working space have lesser things to worry about. A co-working space eliminates the need for a company to hunt for food services, security services, and other facilities that are needed for day to day functioning of the company. This allows a company to spend more on their product or the company itself. This mode of cost-efficiency is one of the reasons why co-working spaces are a growing phenomenon. 

  • Security and Safety – 

The wellbeing of the employee is very important to a company. They cannot function when the employees are in a space that is unsafe. A co-working space has a complete security detail where they provide everything from trained dogs to security cards for the office spaces. Some of the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad have Security guards and staff who are always on duty and they make it a point to have someone with the employees at all times. Even cab rides from the co-working spaces have a security guard to make sure there are no mishaps.  

  • Social well-being  

A co-working space has employees from more than one office. There are usually hundreds of employees from day to day. With the ease of access to other employees, people can enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee with their friends. To the employee, the other advantages of co-working spaces also allow carpooling which makes life a lot easier. 

  • Entertainment –

Co-working spaces always try to outdo themselves. They are usual spots for fests, flea markets, live performances and other social activities that keep the employees entertained. These events always create hype among employees who portray a very exciting image of their company to their friends just because of the co-working space. 

With the number of tech startups on the rise, office space in Hyderabad is surely a difficult thing to acquire. But with the above advantages, it isn’t a difficult decision. Many startups take the decision of starting out with their own office space and have to focus on the building as well as the work. This makes them lose focus on what’s important. If they hire someone to look after all those matters, they will be spending unnecessarily. 

It’s all About Productivity

All that matters is your employee’s happiness. Co-working fulfills their needs by providing food court, transportation, and other facilities. With these amenities being taken care of, all you need to do is focus on the operations of your business.

Events and lifestyle of iSprout

Events and lifestyle of iSprout

Redefine routes to grow at iSprout

Events and lifestyle of iSprout

Our experts, the in-house business-support group, are available to tutor and give start to finish solutions through an array of administrations, consequently upgrading your general business proficiency. iSprout is the best fit for you whenever! Because of the incredible events and lifestyle of iSprout in Hyderabad, iSprout has spread its wings in Vijayawada and Chennai. In these urban communities, they are additionally branching out, to be in the vicinity to their clients as well as to potential market centers.

Amenities that iSprout provide make your lifestyle at work Luxurious


  • Internet Access: A rapid, consistent internet access


  • Custom Build – Spaces: Spaces planned solely to meet your exceptional necessities


  • Front Desk Services: A help group to deal with and keep you refreshed with emails/calls and couriers


  • Incredible Ambience: Inspiring workspaces and a vibe that keeps you persuaded


  • Parking: Despite all the traffic, your vehicle has space too.


  • Every day cleaning: Guaranteeing your space breathes out freshness regular


  • 24/7 security: Determinedly protecting your valuable information and assets


  • Telephone Booth: A quiet corner with all the required protection for all confidential calls


  • Printers and Scanners: Your prompt need for devices like printers and scanners is catered around the corner


  • Cafeteria: Cafe and breakout regions to keep your energies charged for even the hardest of days


  • Breakout Areas: Our open creative breakout zones enable you to travel through and work in a loosen up mode


  • Server Rooms: Dedicated server rooms with power back-up accommodated for medium and enormous ventures

iSprout Events

iSprout spreads wings in Chennai

The demand for office workspaces is growing in Chennai. iSprout which is a pioneer in promoting the concept of shared office space in Hyderabad has opened a franchise at Guindy near Olympia Tech park for providing nearly 200 seats for a workspace. 

iSprout expanding its services

iSprout, advanced by experienced experts and business pioneers, has been providing inspiring workspaces. It is extending at a quick pace turning into the most magnificent coworking space in hyderabad, Telangana. With an aggregate of 2200 seating limits and branches in Kondapur, Hi-tech city and furthermore in Vijayawada close to the nation’s most youthful state capital Amaravati, iSprout occupies the place in the top coworking spaces of the business in the recent times.


iSprout is catering to the demands of fully-fledged workplaces in terms of providing business support administrations like organization consolidation, accounting, finance, registrations, GST documenting, TDS recording, tax, and audit. They have entered the coworking space industry not just to make another working space. They want to reproduce workspace, with bunches of dynamic quality through design and a host of internet, security, and front-desk area support administrations with the additional customized facilities.