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Why should Freelancers choose a Coworking Space rather than working remotely?

Freelancing is on the rise, people want to be their own boss and work according to their comfort, and due to the covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are becoming freelancers and working from the comfort of their homes. Still, as we all know, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Nothing comes with just the pros; the same goes with freelancing from home. While working remotely, you can multitask and work as per your schedule, but there are often some distractions at home that can decrease your productivity. If you are a freelancer trying to decide whether you should work from some coworking spaces in India or remotely from home, we’ve got you.

  • Professionalism

When you work from home, you may not be able to build networks. Still, start working from a coworking space in Hyderabad. It can help you increase productivity, but you can also organize meetings and workshops by inviting fellow freelancers and professional discussions.

  • Maintain a balance

If you work from home, there is no boundary between personal and professional life, and you may even not be able to concentrate well and get involved in the house duties. As a result, there can be a decrease in the time that you give to work. Therefore, it is always good to rent a coworking space in Hyderabad and give your best towards work and household activities separately.

  • Financial benefits

Initially, you may disagree with the idea of working from a coworking space in India as it requires you to invest in renting a space. Still, suppose you think about long-term benefits. In that case, coworking spaces can make a big difference in the elevation of your brand as you not only get to focus more on work but also get to be with other freelancers like yourself who can help you develop your morale and can even give ideas to improve your work that can lead to overall enhanced finances.


iSprout, the best coworking space in India, comes with immense benefits for Freelancers. We offer a dedicated desk and unique meeting rooms so that freelancers like you can work peacefully. Book your space today!

5 Changes to Implement in Coworking Spaces for Working Moms and their Kids

Working women have always been the talk of the town. With the social growth of women’s status, additional responsibilities have also tended to barge in. With the rise of coworking spaces in Hyderabad and other parts of the nation, women’s participation has spiked up in recent times.


Due to challenging situations being created by the pandemic, the struggle has further intensified for working moms having kids. In view of their needs to balance their office and homes simultaneously, the best coworking spaces in India are now focussing on building children-friendly shared spaces.

Apart from having children specified facilities at work, the following changes can be implemented for creating the best coworking space in India centered around working moms:

  • Dedicated Layouts: We all require some space to maneuver around. All age groups have different needs for dedicated spaces. The coworking spaces in Hyderabad have now designed their shared offices in such a way that the toddlers and adults both can have a convenient time alike.
  • Hire Responsible & Trained Staff: We need to have responsible and trained people to look after small children and assume the role of a babysitter for constant supervision.
  • Offer Delicious and Healthy Food: Adults are known to work with coffee and snacks as their staple, but children need fresh and delicious food to stay contended. The coworking spaces in Hyderabad lay supreme emphasis on the right food to be available in the office.
  • Safety is Paramount: The key to having the Best Coworking Space in India ( is the assurance and confidence to parents that their children will be happy & safe. This way, working moms can focus on their work with ease without having to worry about their children.
  • Customized Packages: Depending upon the various needs, there should be an option to select a particular package according to one’s requirements.

Harmony and better work culture for our working moms with kids are sure to be seen with the correct implementation of these changes.

Top 5 Work Tools for your Remote

Although the idea of virtual office space and remote working is no unicorn in the professional landscape, the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed us to adopt this culture more widely and seriously. And now that it has become a norm, it’s important to master the practice and use the right tools to increase productivity and continue to work efficiently.

Here are some of the best remote work tools to have:


If you need basic desktop access, this is the perfect tool to use. With instant file transfers, clipboard transfers, and video-enabled interactions, you can easily replace your physical office space. Maintain social distance and yet be present for your team. TeamViewer is available for Windows, OS X, iOS, Linux, and Android, and it is free for personal use.


Contrary to its name, this communication platform will never let you slack on your work updates. You can create workgroups, lock confidential messages, alter message retention for security, and integrate it with your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Mailchimp for instant file transfers and uploads. It also allows you to enable instant notifications on your email or phones while you are away from your work desk.


Video conferencing is now made easy with apps like Zoom. It is best for teams that require frequent meetings. It’s an open-source app, available for all devices, so you don’t have to spend a dime. You can enable chats while conferencing and ensure 360-degree communication. Zoom meetings are now password protected, which makes it more secure than ever.

Drawpile whiteboard

Sometimes, while briefing, it is easier to draw it out than talk or write. Whether you miss scribbling notes in a meeting or pen down creative ideas, Drawpile lets you present your thoughts graphically. It also fulfills the need for a whiteboard in a meeting room. It’s real-time, allows collaboration from other connected users, and is great for designers, planners, and work that requires artistic application/visual presentation.


Ever since it was launched, this web-based project management platform has been a go-to tool for people working virtually. With key features like task management, instant messaging, email, team collaboration, file sharing, message scheduling, creating reports, and more, it makes your day-to-day office tasks easy and efficient. For an annual cost of $99, and available for unlimited users, Basecamp also makes it worth the investment.


While instant communication and seamless project management are essential in a virtual workspace, it is also important to keep track of how everyone is utilizing the available time. Toggle works as a time tracker to assess the work hours spent and find out how productive you have been. It is great for time-bound projects, and it’s a free tool, available for all devices.

Whether you are working out of your home office space, or in a co-working space in Hyderabad, these essential work tools and software will keep you connected to your teams and make your remote working as much effective as the physical one. iSprout is one of the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad with all facilities for your remote working team. Switch your office to our coworking space in Hyderabad today!

Why are Enterprises Moving to Coworking Spaces?

Traditional companies are now coming to lose their spark as the freshness of emerging brands brings with them the most prized possession— flexibility. Ditching the established way of doing things and adding the flavor of ‘newness,’ more firms are significantly considering coworking spaces for shifting the dynamics of their operations. This ‘sharing of office space’ mechanism has brought new energy and a conducive environment to work in.

The current pandemic led the global economic levels to steep down and put the property expenses into question. With the dire need to save bucks and build a happy workplace for the employees, various companies shifted to coworking spaces. When you choose to search for either the coworking spaces in Hyderabad or the Coworking space in Pune, you are sure to end up with excellent results.

As the name suggests, coworking spaces in India are designed to incorporate a broad spectrum of ideas and people under one roof while maintaining their respective individuality. Contrary to the perceived notion, coworking spaces are suitable and apt for freelancers and individual consults. Still, these astounding localities have proved to be highly effective for big brands and companies. That’s precisely from where the term ‘corp working’ gained momentum. These have increasingly become places of work for reputed corporations, including IBM and Microsoft!

Multiple enterprises are rapidly opting for coworking spaces for their work environments; here are the reasons why:

  1. Motivation Spring

Have you, too, experienced the constant depravity of the zeal to work creeping after some time? This is a pain point expressed by many. With coworking spaces now in operation, motivation gets a generous origin of spring. Working at a shared workplace not only inspires you to do more but also sets you right towards a long-term work commitment.

  1. Your Choice Of Workplace

While we are glad when the work is set according to us, our happiness seems to know no bounds when the workplace is chosen by us as well. When we decide where we want to work, we can make the place even more customized and closer to our needs and requirements. What more does one need?

  1. No More Alone

The coworking spaces house multiple reputed companies and individuals; it gives way to some super creative people to share rooms with you. This way, you are always up for learning and are brimming with new perspectives and innovative ideas. People tend to make the atmosphere lively and constructive to work— exactly what coworking spaces do for you!


  1. Productivity Shoots

According to studies, coworking space in India has also proven to significantly increase our productivity while making us more efficient at our work. Setting us into a rewarding routine, these spaces help shape our thoughts and attitude in a positive direction!

  1. Cut The Costs

With finances being a decisive factor of consideration, the growing concern of budgets is well answered with the new ideas of coworking spaces. Being highly economical and reasonably priced, the shared spaces have become increasingly popular in the industry with a broad customer base. Coworking spaces in Pune have also presented with amazing deals to choose from.

These features have made the idea of coworking spaces a sought-after one, with multiple corporations and enterprises increasingly opting for them!

How can co-working spaces help small businesses operate hassle-free?

Co-working spaces in India have gained a lot of popularity among freelancers and small business owners as it allows them more freedom and is more pocket-friendly for start-ups than a traditional office setup.

Shared workspaces provide industry exposure by bringing young professionals together at minimal costs. iSprout takes pride in providing that space to entrepreneurs through private offices, customized workspaces, and other supporting amenities such as furniture, parking, internet, and security.

Here is how co-working spaces can benefit small businesses find their foothold:

Affordability: Budget constraints can sometimes pull the company’s growth down. Co-working spaces are the answer to office infrastructure that are sink wells for monthly profits. Co-working spaces in Pune  by iSprout successfully mimic a fully functional office through facilities such as meeting rooms, office equipment, cafeteria, with a great ambiance sure to wow both clients and employees.

After Covid hit, companies had to rethink the centralized corporate office model, and co-working spaces found their niche in smaller players who can operate much better in malleable settings with minimum constraints.

Flexibility: Co-working spaces are based on the concept of freedom. Businesspersons who like being their boss in terms of work timings, movements in and out of office, cutting downtime and efforts needed for commuting, opt for co-working spaces.

The scalability of an office is easier at a co-working space since leases on them are usually short term and the team can easily move onto the next co-working space without much hassle as one of the major tech hubs globally, co-working spaces in India can take advantage of this emerging work culture to increase creativity and productivity.

Co-working spaces relieve employees from unnecessary managerial duties and turn their focus to delivering the output.

Networking: Networking and collaborations secure a business’ continued growth. Co-working spaces are usually pools of talented individuals from various lines of work under one roof. This is hugely beneficial for companies that need cross-industry resources.

Co-working spaces can also help find fresh talent or the next angel investor, who might be sitting at the next desk. At iSprout, which provides co-working spaces in Pune, companies can create and participate in events featuring their peers and competitors to get first-hand exposure to industry developments. A diverse crowd brings in diverse perspectives that can result in better solutions to common issues faced by every business.

iSprout’s coworking space in Pune has everything you need to scale your business. Choose Productivity, choose iSprout!

Why are US offices expanding to Indian Coworking Spaces?

Ever thought of working with no rental liabilities?

Are you also looking for a constructive environment to work in?

Do you wish to pay only for the space you use?

The answer to all your concerns is a- Coworking Space!

With the underlying spirit of fresh ideas and vigor, Coworking Spaces in India ( serve as a vital aspect of the uber working culture. Providing extensive flexibility with no long-term commitments, this setup has been an apt option to choose for the millennials.

While we continue to advance in all domains of the world, global expansion has led to numerous developments and establishments on all fronts of the industry. With multiple companies aspiring to spread their operations in India, there has been a significant shoot-up in the demands for the coworking spaces. These spaces have lately witnessed an influx of potential new customers crediting to their modern workflow structure.

But what’s a coworking space?!

It is a cost-effective approach to shared working where multiple people can come and work together. Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad serve its office goers, freelancers and independent consultants with a satisfying experience in terms of comfort and ease. With the expansive facilities of unlimited Wi-Fi, printers, and mini kitchens, coworking spaces inculcate the next-gen way of working.

Coworking spaces in Hyderabad have emerged to be a suitable solution for people from all walks of life, including freelancers, consultants, small and medium enterprises, and agencies. It offers an eloquent experience to its clients with its various facilities and offers.

The US Expansion

The US stands to be one of the most powerful nations in terms of technology and communications. With the extravagant tech-giants having a mammoth of investments, more US offices plan to operate from an independent unit of India that offers convenience with grace.

Here are the top reasons for the US to expand its operations in India:

  • Conducive Environment

Coworking spaces have integrated and peaceful work cabins where one can work with ease. They offer valuable experience to the clients with the utmost attention.

  • Economical

Since in these spaces, you pay only for the area you and your team occupy, unlike the traditional offices with huge, unnecessary liabilities.

  • Networking

Due to a consistent interaction with new people, one can network well in the coworking spaces since people from different companies and varying backgrounds work in one place.

  • Infrastructure

Most offices present a need to have sophisticated infrastructures and interiors for a decent outlook of the brand. All the coworking spaces keep this into consideration.

US companies are increasingly looking for shared spaces in India to set up their offices and work smoothly. Opting for these coworking spaces helps them gradually set their foot into the land and work with lesser burdens. iSprout is the best coworking space in Hyderabad that offers a lively working environment for all. If you’re looking for a productive workspace, reach out to us.

Coworking Space in Hyderabad

What is the New Normal for Coworking Spaces in 2021?

Coworking places in India and other parts of the world have become a real possibility in the years before. The idea disrupted and re-defined the structure of a typical office setting by bringing people together under more voluntary conditions.

A recent report by JLL showed that the current market penetration of flexible workspaces in total office space stands at three percent, and this percentage is expected to go up to 4.2 percent by 2023.

However, Covid-19 changed everything. It broke the back of many businesses, and the workplace sector was the first to get affected, including the coworking spaces: no more office huddles, no more professional partnerships. Work from home took over, and not many are happy with this change.

Coworking spaces in Hyderabad. that have worked had to gain popularity now find themselves fighting to remain viable during the pandemic.

Here are a couple of factors that show where coworking spaces in India are going and how they will adapt to the new setting.

Safety and Decentralization

The future office will be a network of compact and flexible set-ups where safety is the priority. Professionals structures that benefit both employees and the company and save lots of time in commuting. An idea that coworking spaces in Hyderabad promised but was taken away when the pandemic hit.

Big corporates host their thousands of employees in multi-storied buildings, but the same can’t be said for the small players. Coworking places were a boon to many for the same reason.

Nowadays the congregation of big crowds has drastically reduced—a necessary safety measure to prevent people from getting sick. Big companies are looking to adopt the hub-and-spoke model where one central office controls several satellite offices remotely.

Flexible tech-enabled workspaces

The dynamics of the regular work model has been changed. They are no more getting up early to get ready for the office in the mornings. They were stuck at their homes, employees, and bosses depending on next gen-office technology and collaboration tools to reach deadlines.

Now that vaccinations are being rolled out, people are slowly venturing out looking for a place to work better than before the pandemic began.

The new normal in the workplace has to support technologies such as automation, mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet-of-Things (IoT) to connect people, albeit virtually. Employees can demand that these amenities be provided to them, along with flexibility in spaces and timings.

Corporates, too, might benefit from evolving from the extensive boardroom talks to smaller coworking spaces where employees have more autonomy. A large workplace, a ten storied building previously used for one company, can be broken down into many coworking spaces that support multiple businesses.

More and more are looking forward to getting back to the bustling environment of a coworking space in the new normal, so that collaboration among several talented, diverse individuals and companies becomes the norm again.

Everything you need to know about a Coworking Space

As times are transitioning and modernization tends to be at its peak, new work cultures are emerging with result-driven approaches. One such idea that has gained immense attention lately is the concept of coworking spaces in Hyderabad . This model of working has shifted us from the traditional way of having a bonded workspace to now having a shared environment where flexibility can be exercised at its best.

Coworking spaces are the new-gen trend of working with freedom. In a coworking culture, the entire office space is shared amongst multiple people who wish to work with lesser liabilities and burdens. Established in 1995, this approach has proved to be a cost-efficient one since here you pay only for space you occupy and not for the complete office area. This gives the user a good deal of convenience with little worries to carry on. Most coworking spaces in Hyderabad now offer a plethora of services including Wi-Fi, printers, meeting rooms, individual desks, and a mini kitchen for the coffee to keep brewing!

Coworking Spaces: Altering your Work Style

Bringing vigorous energies to work and setting up an energetic environment all around, the coworking spaces cater to the altered needs of the customers. This striking work culture is fundamentally based on shared spaces. People can choose to rent either some part of the entire area or just a few dedicated desks. Such a setup where people can be flexible in their working style with no future commitments to honor in terms of workspaces has successfully given rise to the new “uber cult.”

Whom is this Space for?

Usually thought to be suitable for only freelancers, the coworking spaces are apt for practically anyone who wishes to work free-mindedly including individual consultants, start-ups, or even small and medium scale businesses. Such spaces provide a great opportunity to network and expand your reach while serving you an eloquent workplace at affordable prices even for remote workers, enterprises, and NGOs.  What a deal, isn’t it?!

Regular Office VS Coworking Spaces

The traditional office routines of long working hours and exploited mental stability due to unnecessary burdens have had a significant change due to the popularity gained by the coworking spaces. Unlike the regular office cultures, the coworking concept originates from a sense of difference in the attitude of people. At such spaces, the sole focus is on the work and the accomplished tasks with no worry of the resources and their maintenance. While working in such an environment, you get to be more productive and strive harder for your set targets. It becomes easier for you to be working all by yourself and yet not be alone thus maintaining a great sense of connectivity.

How to Choose a Space for Yourself?

Before finalizing your coworking space, always check if your desk location is as per your choice since this would be your place for making great revenues. Make it a point to cross-check all your requirements as below for smooth workflow:

  • The hardware-support for your nature of work.
  • The exact costings involved
  • Surrounding environment and its suitability
  • Region of space dedicated to you

Shift From the Traditional Approach

Following the new trend of coworking spaces, you no longer have the reporting of the 9 am to 5 pm time slots, since you can come and get your work done at any time of the day. This enhances the overall structure of your working style and also lays more importance to the work than the process. With this concept in place, you get to work according to your choices which were highly unlikely during your traditional offices. Many new entrepreneurs are actively making a shift from their traditional offices and looking for office space for rent in Hyderabad to welcome these latest work styles.

Working spaces play a very decisive role in your life and in the lives of your workers and thus it requires dedicated consideration. Switch your workstation to iSprout today and let us help you find your place of work!

office design perks

4 Office Design Perks That Will Attract and Inspire Millennial Workers

4 Office Design Perks That Will Attract and Inspire Millennial Workers

In these times of start-ups and upcoming businesses, millennials are the target workforce, a population with an entirely new set of priorities and who need to be given an entirely new array of incentives. One of the most important incentives is that the office design perks which will not only keep the workforce happy but also increase their efficiency at work. By office design perks, what is essentially meant is that the design should reflect the kind of work culture attitude you want to develop in your workers. The office interiors should offer sufficient scope for seamless work and at the same time leaves some room for leisure. After all, a rested worker is better than an overworked worker.

coworking space in vijayawada

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Following is a list of 5 much sought out after office design perks:

       1. Eco Centric

The importance of being surrounded by greenery and open spaces cannot be stressed enough, bringing such an environment to your office will not only improve your worker’s morale but will, in turn, increase their work efficiency. There are many office spaces in Hyderabad which channel these ideas. There are office spaces for rent in Hyderabad which already imbibe this idea, so this is one office design perk for which you might not have to spend too much money on.

What does that entail?

  • Potted Indoor Plants
  • Open Spaces within the office
  • Skylights or other outlets which will allow natural light
  • A Water Piece

coworking spaces

        2. Colour Palette

The traditional colors of white and beige make for a dull and uninspiring backdrop which can be replaced with bright colors that will not only instantly uplift the environment but will go a long way in keeping the energy and creativity going.

co working space

         3. Leisure Zone

The old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a mantra that we can not stress enough on. Contrary to popular belief, making your workers work for long shifts and burying them in a barrage of work is not the way to increase work output. Rather it’s by giving them enough leisure time in between or rather have them choose to take some leisure time in between work and then come back to work feeling energized.

What does that entail?

  • Gaming Room
  • A quiet place for meditation


          4. Mini Kitchen

No one is immune to hunger pangs or the urge to have another cup of coffee or tea. If your office is equipped with a mini kitchen where basic cooking can be done, it will be a plus point for your employees as they can make tea, coffee, sandwiches, etc. as per their will.

What does that entail?

  • Microwave with some microwave-safe dishes
  • Coffee maker
  • Staple ingredients
  • Induction Cooker
  • Kettle
  • Serving Cups and Plates


In conclusion, working space is not just about working, its also about keeping the workers happy and satisfied. If that is achieved, you can expect your workers to work efficiently and stick around for longer and provide you with better outcomes. Check out coworking space in Hyderabad.

large companies for coworking spaces

Why Are Larger Companies Now Opting For Coworking Spaces?


Why Are Larger Companies Now Opting For Coworking Spaces?

The increasing interest of large companies for coworking spaces is nothing but a business-improving idea. Companies try to incorporate new strategies so that the performance of the employees can improve in the long run. You can do much better when being seated in a home-like atmosphere. Coworking spaces offer similar amenities coupled with a professional atmosphere.

There are multiple benefits related to this aspect of coworking space. The attraction of large companies for coworking spaces has increased due to the various advantages these establishments offer. It allows the company concerned as well as the employee as their overall networking and communication skills are enhanced.

coworking space in vijayawada

Large Companies for Coworking Spaces

Let us now understand why larger companies are looking to rely upon the services of coworking spaces:

  1. Professional and comfortable ambience: The modern-day coworking spaces offer a comfortable and professional atmosphere that boosts the overall efficiency of the employees concerned. Therefore, larger companies are often seeking private office space for rent just to encourage this idea. This is a huge attraction to a coworking space. 
  2. Sharing of ideas: When you and your colleagues are sitting together, you all can exchange some great as well as innovative ideas with each other. By availing shared office spaces in Hyderabad corporate employees as well as freelancer can get in touch with working professionals and entrepreneurs from different segments of the industry. This factor will allow you to gain more knowledge and information about different markets. Simultaneously, the process of brainstorming will become easier as you will be surrounded by creative personnel.
  3. Active and energetic Ambiance: While working in a coworking space, you are never out of energy. This is primarily because you will be surrounded by like-minded people who share similar enthusiasm toward a specific profession. We all experience phases where our productivity and efficiency reduces. Being surrounded by people from different industries will motivate you to work harder and strive for more even when you have reached the limit of exhaustion. The active and energetic ambiance will breathe fresh life into your body and mind.

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  1. Round the clock access: Coworking spaces do not need you and your team to work within a restricted or allotted place. It has so many options to keep you engaged in your work all the time. There are small cafeterias and even a rest zones for you to take breaks. Such benefits can be availed from the best coworking spaces in Hyderabad.
  2. Healthy relationships with coworkers: Operating from a coworking space improves our communication and networking skills. Thus, a healthy professional relationship can be maintained by working professionals with this shared environment.

Due to these multiple reasons, the interest of large companies for coworking spaces has reached a new level. Get in touch with top coworking space providers to avail such benefits today.