Coworking spaces in India

After two years of working remotely due to the pandemic, businesses have now started calling their employees to work at the office. According to a study by the IT industry body NASSCOM, over 50% of the country’s IT workforce is likely to return to the office at least three times a week.

However, working at the office comes with several operating expenses that may cost the business highly. Here are some of the costs your business has to bear when returning to a physical office:


Office rent is one of the biggest financial burdens a business has to bear. Moreover, when you rent a new commercial office space, you need to pay a hefty downpayment that can put a substantial dent in your budget. If your business is still in its developmental stage, it can even be very difficult to pay the monthly rent.


Utilities like power, internet, telephone services and water supply are some of the major overheads paid regularly by the business. However, they are also unavoidable as no business can work properly without a power or internet connection.


Businesses operating from a traditional workspace do not just employees involved in operations but also maintenance staff, who are a part of the payroll. This, too, adds to the overheads paid by the business. Moreover, office equipment also requires constant servicing and maintenance to perform well, adding to the overheads.


When you buy, lease or rent a fixed office, you get an empty commercial space that you have to fill with desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other furniture to create a favourable work environment. These add up to a significant investment for furnishing the office.

Choosing to work from a traditional office space can cost the business greatly. While many of these costs can be reduced by implementing strategies like using energy-efficient lights and appliances and negotiating longer rent tenures, these are not as effective an option as a coworking space.

Coworking spaces in India help businesses run their operations without paying highly for overheads like rent, furniture, and more. They provide a wide range of flexible workspace options that suit the business’s team size at an economical cost that does not hurt its pocket.

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It also provides amenities like high-speed internet connectivity, front-desk services, cafeteria, housekeeping and more that cut down the time and efforts spent on these.

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