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Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Q)

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What is a serviced-office? How is it different from traditional office?

A serviced office is a furnished and fully functional office facility. It accommodates multiple companies of different sizes. It has modern office equipment, conference and meeting facilities on demand.

Do I need to supply my own office equipment?

iSprout offers space as a solution with contemporary office furniture, high speed internet connectivity, fully staffed reception, scanners and photocopying machines. You need to bring your lap tops/ desk tops/ servers as per your requirement. iSprout offers exclusive secured space for your server.

How can I hire office space at iSprout?

The process to rent a traditional office space can take weeks or even months. iSprout can be configured to your specifications and ready in no time. You can sign your iSprout agreement on one day and start working in your new office the same day.

How will my business be visible in a iSprout business centre?

At iSprout Centre, we offer internal branding by allowing you to display your company logo outside your office. We will also list the name of the organization in the common directory at the reception.

What is the minimum configuration at iSprout workspaces?

Sprout Centres offer various configurations to suit your needs i.e starting from a single seater to 200 seats. At iSprout you do not incur any of the costly setup fees involved in renting traditional office space.

Why to book a meeting room at iSprout workspaces?

iSprout are located at prime single location. The key benefits are: Easy to book,Professional environment to host the formal meetings,No paper formalities,Pay as per use and Catering Services on request.

When are the timings of meeting room facility?

Our standard hours are 9:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M, Monday to Saturday. But we are happy to discuss events outside of these times as well.

Do you provide administration support?

Yes our onsite support team will ensure your suite is set up exactly how you need it so you can focus on work. We can also provide any secretarial or business support that you might need.

How do I make a booking?

Simply call our Business Centre and the team will be able to deal with your enquiries. Alternatively you can email us on

How do I pay?

Full payment for meeting room hire is required in advance of the booking. You can pay by DD, cheque or bank transfer online or card swipe.Once you have made a booking, you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I confirm a booking?

To confirm a booking simply contact us by email or call at our Business Centre with a request to confirm your booking and our dedicated team will be happy to help.

Is catering available for my meeting room?

Yes, whether you choose a standard meeting room, conference room or board room, catering is available as an additional pay-as-you-use service. We will handle the ordering and delivery to your meeting room so you can focus on your meeting.

Is there any benefit in being a frequent iSprout meeting room customer?

A frequent iSprout meeting room customer will get the benefit of preferred customer with discounted rates, if one avails the meeting room facility at least 12 times in a single calendar year.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office can give your business a presence in a new location, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. With all the benefits of rented office space, a Virtual Office could be ideal for your business.

How does a Virtual Office allow my business to grow?

You can easily test new markets with iSprout Virtual Office without the need for capital investment. With your Virtual Office agreement you also receive priority access to iSprout meeting rooms for your meeting needs.With your Virtual Office operator handling your inbound calls and messaging, you can focus on growing your business.

What types of amenities are available to a Virtual Office customer?

As a Virtual Office client you receive full access to a trained administrative staff for tasks including receiving calls, post you with updates on calls, visitors, courier received, filing of documents. Plus, at our prime business addresses, we have beautifully allocated reception and breakout areas for your use.

How do I get information about available spaces?